Please better cloud graphics!


Guys we can’t get for now better Cloud graphics becasue its limited by the Unreal 5 Engine i think. Becasue the clouds from the unreal 5 Engine looks same as the clouds in the msfs 2020. Which you can see in this video

at Min 10:09

So i think it cant give better graphics for the clouds becasue of how i sayd there are limite dby the enginen and we have to wait to the unreal engine 6 or higher to get better clouds i think. or m i fasle because i think unreal 5 use cloud presets which you can use and you can they coustomize a bit.




Microsoft Flight Simulator uses its in-house graphics and physics engine

  • Where do you get that it uses Unreal engine?

it was only a thought from me which i got at watching the video.

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Old news… volumetric clouds could very well been taken from Unreal… MSFS is not based on the engine as a platform, but maybe Asobo just took out the shaders and integrated these into the sim ? guess ?

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that was also my thought. Becasue the cloouds frome the unreal engine 5 looks to me as same how in the msfs 2020. when you compare these 2 clouds.

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Volumetric clouds is a particular algorithm… you can’t change much about it, but it does have certain quality levels to make it less “wooly” on the edges. The variation added in MSFS (not in Unreal) is in the lighting and transparency of clouds… and their placement and altitude, of course… MSFS has layered clouds, I don’t think Unreal allows that now, in their API. But to be honest, my experience with the Unreal platform is DX-11 and about 3 years ago… maybe in the mean time, Unreal has upgraded their volumetric clouds, to be layered and multilevel, because of the cooperation with Microsoft and Asobo ? Good development helps both sides… but as customers, we can only speculate.


Those white woolly things are clouds? I’d better not tell my border collie that. He’d be so disappointed as he keeps leaping into the air chasing them.

Clouds look stunning to me


Clouds are ok but sometimes are to bright.

Unreal engine has nothing to do with this. :joy:

Clouds were ALOT better in previous version since now we have all the color banding and overexposure.


I am on the „the clouds are great“ side too. Almost.

And they are not to bright imho. Maybe just a little because the most of our displays can not reproduce pitch black so the whole world is always a bit washed out. Also, without hdr, their dynamic range is limited.

In fact, the real sky can be eyehurting bright too. What we lack are simple sunglasses.


Clouds look horrible resolution wise.
Even at 8K i see grain and weird edges.
So ofc i will keep asking for better clouds like many others.

If you are content with the clouds then that’s fine.
But don’t tell people not to ask for improvements :joy:
Feedbacks gets the sim forward


Where did you get that they use their own?

Some people suggest that Star Citizen users its own engine as well, when it’s actually a modified version of Amazon’s Lumberyard, itself a version of Crytek’s CryEngine.

CIG uses an FPS engine for a space game, and Asobo use a racing game engine for a flight simulator.

I think that’s just beautiful. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And I suspect both engines were chosen for the same reason: their looks.

EDIT: Apparently this is untrue.


I noticed when flying through the clouds it’s way to bright.


You felt the need to jump on a forum and tell people what to do after watching a video?


What was the point of this thread?
OP isn’t even sure he/she knows what they are even talking about.:rofl:


To be honest the clouds look okay from outside but inside a cloud you do not get full sunlight shining on your aircraft. This is just wrong.

So thanks for telling me what I can and can’t do - but I will continue to ask for better clouds.


Depends on where you’re flying in that cloud actually… Right under a cloud, you get less light. But I agree it is too much, and too much the same everywhere, on the aircraft livery. In reality, you see moving shadows of the clouds on the aircraft. They can’t manage that without stutters, I guess… These effects are very expensive in FpS.

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“WE (??) have …”
NO. Not with me. Clouds are quite good.
To make the rendering still more realistic, take into account to need also more computer power.

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Clouds looks fantastic to me, I do not understand what some people are complaining about.