Please better cloud graphics!

The clouds look great from the outside, but when inside them it’s like you are in a lightbulb with a diffuser. You cannot see the cloud as it passes over your wing, for example.


That’s why clouds are nice topics to chat about when no other real issues are urgent :rofl:

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I still have Xplane and p3d and I will kill for MSFS clouds in those. They aren’t perfect but they are currently the state of the art in flight sim.

Let’s just say clouds are not this sims biggest issue.


That article is incorrect. The quote that it uses comes from a MadInfinite article, which sources a French article. The quote regarding F-Tech appears nowhere in the original French interview. I believe it was a copy pasta by MadInfinite that never got caught but everyone ran with it.

The MSFS engine is entirely homegrown for MSFS, derived in part from previous Asobo projects. There is not a line of ForzaTech or Unreal in it.

-Matt | Working Title


If you want to see great volumetric clouds look no further than RDR 2.

that’s not how this works XD

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this is a fake news btw

First of all, i’m using a 10900k with an rtx 3090 so not sure how much more ‘computer power’ i need.

Second, the color banding and overexposure is a well known bug and allready been aknowledged by asobo and a fix is comming in wu6 if i remember correctly.

Ofcourse this doesn’t mean the clouds don’t look good, (they qre great tbh) but they looked better in earlier versions. Hence the complaining.

OP here is talking about ue5 wich first of all is still in alpha and nowhere near production ready, and second of all is a completely different game engine that what asobo is using for msfs.

Yes the clouds look similair. But in no way related to this game.

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I caught myself the other day thinking those clouds really don’t look real.

Not in MSFS, just outside.

Funny things clouds.


Interesting. I stand corrected. It was the only article I could ever find that mentioned the engine.

Is there a link that corroborates that, other than your word of course? I want to correct my original post.

i said it before, more resolution for more quality/variants cumulus and broken, add cirrus instead of flat cumulus garmanbozia, and make more variants for existing high clouds what pretend cirrus, other words - msfs have best clouds, but not best diversity, in p3d you can see any real situation of weather, but in msfs are clouds alive, shine alive, shadows alive, shades alive, so msfs got best clouds but not perfect yet

Clouds look odd to me since SU5. Not saying ‘bad’. But there’s definitely something different about them & they don’t look as good as they used to. So i have no problems with people asking for better clouds since we used to have them.


I get troll vibes…Don’t ask me why.

I have the same idea, could be placebo though.

I do have to say after i recallibrated my monitor (In windows and the monitor itseld, it was way off) and did some small adjustments on how colors are displayed on the monitor, i must say that i’m quite pleasantly surprised how they look now.

Can I have better clouds? I’m satisfied with the clouds we have, but better is just that…better. Thank you

For me cloud graphics are perfect. SUPER!..
Tropical waters NO!

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I used love flying amongst the clouds. And then SU5 came along. I’ve abandoned the sim because cloud flying now looks like this: see from 5:40 in particular. Looks like a cathode ray tube tv on its last legs.

Really really hope WU6 returns the clouds to what they used be like in SU4. I so loved this sim before SU5.


All graphical areas have greatly been improved compared to any other Sim.

But of course you can always find something to complain, so sad…

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It actually uses the same graphics engine as Forza.

Apparently not.

Though I’ve not actually seen that reported officially.

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