Please consider adding a Turbulence Slider

Overall, I like the behavior of wind effects on planes, but it seems overdone. It is very rare to have smooth air and I know that depends on the actual wind data it is responding to. What I’d really like to have and a simple slider to affect the intensity of the turbulence effects. Right now it’s pretty choppy all the time, then can get quite turbulent and it just seems more intense more often than real world flying. I’m using mostly the TBM930. This seems somewhat simple to do on the outside and I’m sure others would appreciate the control.


Good idea. I feel it can be overdone at times. Sometimes you just don’t feel like fighting the weather too

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I also think it is overdone and I am a RW pilot.


This is an old wishlist request but I find it even more relevant now since the changes brought by recent sim updates:

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I have flown in SoCal during the so called Santa Ana winds in everything from C-150 to C-210s and PA18 to PA34s and even with winds >45 kts I have rarely if ever experienced these stakkato shimmies in the air that are now all over the place when over terrain and then disappear over water.
Because we all know there is no wind effect over water IRL.

God if this sim wasn’t so beautiful to look at :smiley:

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I totally agree - especially since SU11 the turbulence are making it very difficult to “just” perform a relaxed sightseeing-flight without the need to continually adjust heading etc. Also landing a plane in mountain regions has gotten more difficult.

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It is definitely overdone. Too constant, too fast and too violent.

Makes more realistic planes like PMDG misbehave, as their life-like flight systems were never designed to cope with anything so unnatural as the jerky motions we’re put through.

This is almost a cartoon caricature of what turbulence should be like. Something meant to highlight and exaggerate for dramatic effect. Definitely not up to the standards of a proper simulator

All weather effects and systems in the game are presently at an unacceptable state of maladjustment and incompleteness.

We strongly urge that Asobo takes emergency steps to remedy this in a fully dedicated effort, as the weather in the sim is currently outweighing all other positive features in detriment of the overall experience.

Adding a thorough set of options to suit individual preferences is absolutely imperative here.

The whole concept of a “one same thing for all” setup is monstrously inappropriate, even to the point of reflecting badly on the developers, painting them in an arrogant/uncaring light which is really unfortunate.

We all wanna believe that they mean as well as they say. But actions still speak louder than the few and far between words we’re getting on the subject.

Myself and many others have honestly not been playing since the last few updates. We’re mostly just waiting for the great day when any announcement is made in regards to fixing the weather, so we may resume being able to enjoy our sims again. (either that, or maybe someone hacks the game and finds a way to mod the weather system from the outside. I’d pay top bucks for such an addon)


Not so much turbulence but the strength and effect of updrafts. At the moment they are way too strong and that has the sensation of turbulence. This is all since “improving” the thermal modelling for gliders. I flew a glider for the first time in the sim today and without any glider experience I could have stayed up there all day. Actually had to try really hard to lose altitude to land and end the flight.

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Totally agree.
Please do something about that. Of course turbulence like depicted currently in MSFS can happen, but not constantly and everywhere.

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Agree i think this is a super idea its def overdone sometimes

My guess is that turbulence was developed and tested by Asobo only using large aircraft like the A320 or 787, without being tested on smaller aircraft like the 172 or DA40. Or alternately it was developed and tested only using extreme turbulence, without checking the effect of very light turbulence. Either way it is way overdone on smaller aircraft, as even with a wind under 5 knots these aircraft get tossed around like they were in a major storm when turbulence is about. A slider is one way to reduce the effect, but a better solution would be to just make it more realistic for all aircraft. One of the fun things about MSFS is real weather, but this will be lost if we have to use a slider to get realistic turbulence. Although a turbulence slider is not an ideal solution, I voted for it anyway as it would be better than what we currenlty have.

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+1 for this, but oddly I’m experiencing hardly any turbulence and I want to turn it up! I have the prosim 737 and a motion platform, with P3D and Active Sky, the latter had an Enhanced Turbulence setting which for me felt I was sitting in a real 737. Within MSFS I get more bumps taxiing. So If there was a turbulence slider I would be all for that, then each person could adjust for their particular aircraft

This is something I noticed on a short flight yesterday in my Bonanza G36. Wind speeds at ground level at the departure and arrival airports was 5 kts. I set a cruise altitude of 5000 ft., which looked to be about 1000 ft. below the convective level of the partly cloudy skies. I really just wanted to look around while I flew.

I was getting bounced around quite a bit, with my VS going from -250 fpm to +250 fpm very quickly.
Not being a RW pilot, I can only ‘feel’ that it was way too much turbulence for the conditions. I don’t know if the developers should just tone down all the fluid dynamics modeling in the sim, or allow users to ‘dial in’ a lower amount of turbulence. But I agree that something needs to change. It’s really no fun getting tossed around in nearly perfect VFR low-altitude conditions.

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I’d say More Options = More Better any time.

Before anything as complex as this can safely NOT have any options, they’d first have to get everything so absolutely perfect that the simulation would likely end up having to account for quantum interactions between individual atoms of air.

It’s just not reasonable for a developer to take on such a task upon themselves. One might even think it arrogant of any devs, to believe themselves above such a monumental task in a way that options are considered unnecessary.

Thankfully for all of us, Asobo has shown themselves as the reasonable kind. They’ve since announced this very feature will be included in the next update. Glorious news indeed.

Hopefully, the general theme of this decision echoes on to future design choices, so that whenever anything in the game isn’t in a state that pleases absolutely everyone unanimously, they make it an option as well.

It is very easy to displease a majority, most of all by means of trying to please everyone equally.


Added in SU12: Release Notes - Sim Update 12 [] Available Now