Please fix these 2 easy things on AI traffic to improve it enormously

Lol tell me about it… For FSX/P3D there was a tool called EditVoicePack you could use to just eliminate that statement. Not sure if anything similar could be done in MSFS as the voice technology stack is very different.

SU10 seems to have increased “Online” traffic injection, I have it at almost every airport as soon as I spawn to an airport. That is good.

The dancing and singing planes, still exist ofcourse.
About time, they look into this. Hopefully soon!



I totally agree. I’m just saying they aren’t easy. That’s all. I’m suggesting “Easy” be removed from the title. The fixes for these things are decidedly NOT “easy”.

FS9 and FSX have totally different control algorithms. Asobo has been trying to fix that. All the complaints from FS9 and FSX had to do with all the things that now make the planes spin, like tire friction, the lack of wind interaction and so on that Asobo is working very hard to implement properly in the sim, that also in turn create many other issues in the sim, like takeoff and landing issues, plane to wind interaction at the transition from wheels touching to not touching, etc…

AI traffic algorithms, again, are totally different between the two. Yes, I’d love to see AI traffic improved, but, that’s further down the road map, and Asobo is working very hard to make sure that maintaining Performance of the sim is the number 1. As soon as more AI traffic is added, perfomance will degrade, and they have been working over many revisions to add traffic, make it realistic, and still maintain performance.

The last thing any of us want is FSX. We can all still use FSX if we prefer that. But if you want to maintain any sort of performance in MSFS, we’re going to have to wait until they get to it. It’s on the roadmap, and they are aware we want it.

First, I do agree with everything you are implying. However…

After 2+ years of them doing nothing substantial to make it better that’s like saying ‘I wanna go to the North Pole, It’s on the map and I’m aware of it’. Reality is it means nothing unless I (they) start at least walking towards it.

Having something on ‘the list’ doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to happen, just ask my wife…on second thought, please don’t.


I agreed with you, it’s time for them to do and not only talk about it.

What I’d like to know is how is it that an entire decades old industry built on: ‘IF’, ‘THEN’, ‘AND’, ‘OR’ still falls into conflict and chaos when it comes into contact with: ‘WHY’ and ‘WHEN’. And please don’t tell me the answer is GOTO line: 400 :woozy_face:

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Highly recommended. It removes some of the most incessant ATC instructions. It also makes it a tiny bit more endurable when that Speedbird is taking foreeeever to vacate the runway at Heathrow :dizzy_face:

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Turn off all ai/traffic and improve performance :joy::person_shrugging:


How does that improve the AI Traffic?

It doesn’t :sweat_smile: just best turned off with people moaning about FPS and lower performance why run something that is likely to reduce performance.