Please have all airport and navigation data available at all times no matter what

Just like a real airplane (this is a simulator, right), all data should be loaded into the aircraft’s navigation systems at all times, not just whatever flight plan information you load before you start. I want to simulate flights on PilotEdge, but they have told me that “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is basically useless because if a controller asks you to deviate, change flight plans mid flight, or do anything that isn’t loaded before you start, like real world flight, MSFS isn’t capable of accommodating change.” Just like every other good flight simulator, all nav data should be loaded into the gps/fms at all times for every airport. Thank you.

For you “simmers” out there, please vote for this. Every time I’ve tried something similar, a moderator has closed the thread because I wasn’t being specific.

No matter what sim is used, you still need to subscribe to a service like Navigraph, to be able to access the data for every airport (almost). The problem with MSFS is the manipulation of the GPS it self, even deleting a leg is problem.

Not if your GPS is the GMS530, and you have @ScorpionFilm422 amazing GNS530 Mode … Its like upgrading to a Porche, after driving the Asobo Kia

You can edit your FP in the GPS. You can have up to 19 FPs stored in the GPS, ready at any time. And each day, it gets closer and closer to having all the features of the RW GNS530.

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I shouldn’t have to make a new flight plan mid flight. This is a “simulator”. I should be able to select any approach, any airport, anything I want whenever I want. Just like a real airplane. Again, this is called “Flight Simulator”.

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IF you need up to date info, yes. But X-plane at least starts with a database that is available at all times, no matter what airplane you fly, without 3rd party plugins, whenever you want. I’ll take that.


X-Plane data is old, and if you use a companion app like FitPlan, or LittleNav Map to check approaches or other instrument procedures , nothing matches, I have X-plane 11, that is why I also have Navigraph, just the data portion, I get the charts free from the Apps

Really? Load the RNAV approach into KVES while flying VFR from, say KDAY in the TBM. IF you succeed, I’d love to see it.

You absolutely can do this.

Complete changes to any flight plan in the G530/1000/3000 are possible. Change destination, insert/delete waypoints etc. Sometimes it’s quite buggy and the results are not correct or what is expected, but the basic functionality is there.

If your flying VFR, and hence don’t have a pre loaded approach, just set the destination as appropriate, then use the procedures menu of your avionics to load the approach you like.


Try this. KDAY to KVES. RNAV RWY9, via DQN. Let me know how it goes. Maybe I’m missing something- it would be good to know that. Thanks.

I’m currently flying the CJ so can’t try it right now. Maybe walk us through the steps you’re taking and we’ll see if there’s anything we can suggest.

I haven’t tried your exact route, but I flew through all of Tasmania in an XCub and routinely programmed my entire flight from scratch including approaches from the Garmin. I’ve also done it from the C172 and the G36. MS isn’t withholding nav data that’s not in your flight plan… I never use a flight plan from the world map which is how I know. I’ll try yours out tomorrow and see if I can replicate though.


Sounds like it should work, and I’ve programmed other routes in the TBM 930 and other planes before. I’ll give it a try and see if it has any problems.

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Ok, if I load up the TBM 930 at a ramp, turn on engine, and enter a flight plan:

  • set origin to KDAY
  • set dest to KVES
  • go over to PROC
  • add an approach

I see this, with no approaches available for selection:

However if I set the destination as KLAX, I get approaches to select:

If I go back to the World Map and set a destination of KVES with an IFR flight plan, there are also no approaches listed for that airport:

Sounds like a bug with the airport data for KVES specifically, and isn’t affected by whether you’re in the world map or the plane?

Ahh I know your problem.

MSFS dose not have all worldwide navdata available in it’s database. Simple as that. This happens all over the entire world. Maybe it’s a NavBlue issue? In the real world, they’re not that popular a navdata supplier, especially in the GA world, so if their customers have never needed the data, especially at ‘smaller’ airports, they may not have the data either.

I use Navigraph, which uses the Jeppesen database. Basically it’s the de facto standard for worldwide navdata coverage. It includes the missing approachs to KVES.

Here’s the Rwy9 RNAV, after loading it in the cruise.

So a navdata problem. If anything, changing your flight plan en-route should be easier with an external ATC as you don’t have to fight the sims ATC.

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It should be, but you still need the MSFS navigation data to match your IFR requirements. Missing procedures in the default database is an example where it doesn’t, hence some people resort to third party navdata such as Navigraph, which is far more complete.

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I used Navigraph data with X-Plane 11 and Littlenavmap. Is Navigraph data able to update MSFS 2020? Does it require a new version of Navigraph download manager? I have been waiting for some information from Navigraph about MSFS support but have not heard anything. Don’t even know if they are working on it. If anyone knows how to use Navigraph download manager to update MSFS I would appreciate instructions on how to set it up.

The Navigraph beta has been running since August, check the Navigraph website and newsletters. For more detailed instructions:


Thanks for the info. Looks like they are up to beta 19. Do you use it? Does it work well? I am leery about using beta’s especially with MSFS. MSFS is so heavily bugged as it is. I am willing to try it if there is good feedback. So disappointed in the lack of airport data in the default MSFS database.

I’ve been using it for a while now, without any significant issues.

One thing that has happened to me a few times is the FMS Data Manager, and the sim link client are in-installing themselves. I have all three installed in one folder, and it happens after the Beta updates itself, I think. I end up having to re-install the other two apps when that happens.