Please improve the snow in the game

Hello there,
a couple of dev q&a’s ago, the devs discussed snow coverage and how it is calculated taking the albedo of the surface into account. They also seemed reasonably happy with the system saying it only needs minor tweaking. But please improve the snow:

  1. First of all, roads should be relativly snow free. Especially with little snow coverage, the only thing that is completly covered with snow are the roads. That’s of course completly wrong. First the snow should cover fields and only with strong snow should it cover roads. Especially considering how pretty much every road is constantly cleared of snow it just doesn’t make sense to see them covered.
  2. It would also be cool if altitude / steepness / direction of the terrain could be taken into account. It would make flying over ski resorts so much more fun if there was more snow on the top of the mountains and on north facing hills than in the valleys.
    I really hope we can get some improvements to the system before the next winter comes. If you don’t have the time to do any significant work at least implement a way to completly remove snow from all taxiways, runways and especiall roads.
    Thanks you are doing great with the sim!

winter coming yet. just on the south of earth :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works with your roads and the snow :sunglasses:

i’d like to live everywhere like superposition’s human, but i live in israel, so have no idea abut new zeland or so south countrie’s roads, but sure there winter now lol

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Hi @CrisperRoom8786,
It is best to use the wishlist for these types of requests.

A search for “snow” in the wishlist #self-service:wishlist

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I was also going to suggest this one:

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