Please let us choose our own takeoff and landing runways (ATC)

Not for IFR flightplans you cannot. VFR let’s you choose your runway but IFR all you can do is ask for clearance. On arrival you can select a new approach and RW but half the time when you request it ATC just ignores you.

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Yes you can, you need to choose before you load the game, set your star!

Yes if you want to start from the runway, if you choose a gate the ATC may change the takeoff runway which is what we are discussing.

Not sure why you keep telling me this. you are the on who is in fact not correct. Many have already commented on this above. BTW a STAR is for arrival, I am talking about a departure runway, but it does not matter what you set, the ATC picks the runway for you from cold and dark state. Period. I have flown over 75 hrs in the 320 WITH SIDs and yes SOMETIMES it will give you the runway you select but not ALL THE TIME. In addition, we are talking about loading plans from 3rd party apps like simbrief and Little Nav Map, not the in game flightplanner which most of the time that works but again, not what we are discussing the issue is.
If yours does then great but do not assume I am stupid because you have a different experience.

Good day to you sir.

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No, you are wrong. You can t choose the runway in IFR. Perhaps in approach there is an option to change the runways if there are parallel ones. But you can t choose a runway with a different direction.

And yes, there are airports in the world, where some Runways are only open for departures, not for landings. So is in Frankfurt, Rwy 18 only for departures, Rwy36 never in use for any. Here the SIM is limited and there is no chance to open the Runway only for depratures. perhaps in future ?


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You should read this thread from the beginning.

Additionally different aircraft have different limits that render some runways unusable. I don’t recall where but have had the sim assign runways that were far too short given the aircraft & weight. IRL the larger heavier aircraft can operate with larger crosswind components and would use a longer runway that is not as well aligned with the current wind conditions.


Yeah, until the ATC is capable of determining realistic/sensible runway assignments, we should be able to completely override this.

Also, am I crazy, or does the ATC seem to also pick the runway that’s the furthest away from the gate? Because having to regularly taxi for 45 minutes at larger airports is really starting to get old.

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I don’t experience this. Even with larger airports. Nevertheless, I heard this kind of conspiracy theory from real pilots on real airports too. :smile:

The problem is that sometimes the database is wrong and ATC sends you to the wrong runway that would be used for real life take-offs. My example is Burbank Airport near Los Angeles, Runway 8 is almost always the active runway for landings, but NEVER for take-offs because it’s too short AND it’s pointing towards a mountain, so regardless of wind conditions aircraft ALWAYS take-off from runway 15/33.

Edit: Yes in my flight planning I choose to take off from runway 15 as that is the active runway in real life, then upon getting taxi clearance ATC sends me to runway 8.

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Have you tried taxi to 15 without ATC hold short and then just call ATC for take off clearance?

Never tried that. Does that work??

LOL I really dont know I havent tried. To me ATC is a hinderance, I usually dont use them to take off just to land. Its more fun to take off when the winds in the wrong direction. ;p

If you are flying IFR then you should be following airport departure and arrival procedures. One runway may be used for south and east departures/arrivals. The other may be used for north and west departures/arrivals. Also heavy’s are going to be given the longer runway.

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I would very much appreciate to have the option to request a different runway to that ‘selected’ by ATC for both departure and arrival. Adding ‘Request Alternative Runway’ in the ATC dialogue dropdown box for all departures and arrivals would surely be simple to implement and it would offer the opportunity to avoid some of the very silly wind conflicts that occur regularly. If there is only one runway option at an airport/airfield then selecting an alternative would only be able to offer the reciprocal runway but if there are alternatives they should be selectable. This is always an option IRL I believe.

When you set up your scenario, set the wind to align with the runway you want to depart from. It must be done from the Flight Conditions dialog before you launch the simulation. Then ATC will assign your preferred runway. You must change both the steady wind arrow and the gust factor.

Not always true - well at least not in my experience. My ‘home’ airfield is EGOV (RAF Valley). Two runways 13 - 31 and 01 - 19. IRL the preferred runway is 01 - 19 for noise abatement reasons. I have tried, repeatedly, setting wind and gusts at around 180 ish and have always been directed to 13 - 31, for TO and Landing. To add to the confusion ATIS will usually offer a wind direction and speed approximating to what I have set and indicate “ILS Runway 31 in use, arrivals and departures Runway 13”. Requesting Taxi clearance can have either - sometimes 13 sometimes 31, toss of a coin. But that is a separate issue.

Just to add to my post above: yesterday I flew into EGOV (from EGAA) in the G36 Bonanza (Improvement Project) with Live Weather. Checked ATIS and reported in at 15 miles out. ATIS: Wind 169 @ 9. ILS Runway 13 in use. Tower: Wind 189 @ 14. ILS Runway 13 in use. No option to request Runway 19 which would have given me a nice 11kt headwind to land into. :roll_eyes:

I will refrain from making mention of the ground handling physics that had me almost off the runway (on the windward side :thinking:) at 60kts despite full rudder and differential braking. Whoops! I didn’t mean to mention that.