Please let us choose our own takeoff and landing runways (ATC)

you can do that in the flight planning menu. but I understand your point FSX has a select another approach option if this is what you are asking about.

No the ATC should assign the runaway based on the weather.

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Thanks. That’s exactly what I’m doing. But if the “active” rwy is a closed one (IRL), dep or arr, this is stupid.

And I tried to select a STAR or a SID, but that doesn’t impress ATC very much… :laughing:

Thanks. Yes choosing a rwy in the map, as a kind of “waypoint”, I didn’t try so far (always used the drop down). My problem is, I’m using a separate flight planning tool (at least for the flightplan itself). If I change anything in the already loaded flightplan (SID, STAR, RWY), the whole flightplan gets messed up. This is a MSFS bug.

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Yes, but no inactive/closed rwy.

What I do with IFR if I want to change runways for landing or takeoff from what I had, I cancel the IFR plan I currently have, set up the plan I want in the aircraft, then talk to ATC again and get them to approve my plan based on instrumentation.

I’ve done this successfully many times even 30 miles out from an airport when the conditions changed and I wanted a different runway.


That’s a good work around. I tried that once and… well, I can’t remember how that worked out. :laughing: I try that again.

It doesn’t always give you this option for some reason I’ve found.

In my opinion you should use the built in planner.

I already created a voting thread for changes to the flightplanner. While not exactly asking atc for different runways as many have pointed out if you had the ability to change via the flightplanner without it reshuffling every waypoint you could make it work.

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Yeah, I did in the beginning. But now I’m using Little Navmap. Which is more accurate and you can really plan your flight (including fuel planning, weather, enroute wind, etc.). The exported flightplan makes no difference/problems for MSFS.

When planing with the build in planner, I would have the same problem of ATC using wrong runways (with live weather and start at a gate). As I said, it’s not really an ATC problem - more of a navdata problem.

@ AZRedneck33 - yes I already voted for this.

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Little Navmap is really a nice tool and not that “little” actually. I love this soft, worth to give a tip to the author.

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I don’t think you should be able to tell ATC what runway you want for departing. IRL that’s based on weather, regulations and other traffic. All of which the pilot has no sight on.

To avoid this issue, we should be able to update airports like we did in FSX and upload them to a ‘scenery gateway’ like database. We can set there what runways should be closed or only used for take off. This gives you what you want, while maintaining realism.

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Yes, it should be called Little Big Navmap. I fiddled a bit with the flightplans. I don’t think you can put that into the flightplans (IFR) itself - parking position AND takeoff rwy. Or I didn’t find it. So I don’t think @albar965 can do something about this issue.

Flightplans in littlenavmap can be set to a specific runway.
The SID loaded is tied to the runway. Right click on the dep airport and choose show departure and approaches. In the window that appears select departures and the runway from the drop-down. Then it will list all the SIDs for that RW. Choose the one you want with the transition you want and right click and select insert into flightplan.

I doubt editing the airport would fix the issue. It lies in the ATC and how they determine which RW to use. It seems to be random now with no regard to wind or weather.
ATC itself needs some work but until then a quick fix would be to allowing us to choose.

Thanks. I do that. But as I learned, ATC gives a sh… for departures, if it thinks it wants another rwy (also with starting position - the green button in LMN). That’s one of my main problems. Sitting on a parking position, figuring out how to fly a 07 SID, if ATC gives me the 36 during IFR clearance. Do it anyway/somehow, or cancel the flight and go back to planning?
Even LNM says 07 (regarding the weather), but nooooo, ATC wants 36. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yep, problem from day 1. ATC needs a rework in how they assign RWs. Either follow the plan as recorded or let us change it.

I have had the ATC have me takeoff from a RW with a 15kn tailwind. One of the issues might be that the weather system is still borked. ATIS will be completely different for wind than what ATC “sees”.

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Had strong tailwind situations even when landing. It’s the old FSX (FS2004) ATC. That’s the problem.

You already can!