Please let us choose our own takeoff and landing runways (ATC)

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since the navdata of MSFS is outdated or incomplete or wrong. It would be nice if we can choose our own takeoff and landing rwy during flightplanning (and ATC sticks to that, regardless of weather). For landing you can already choose the appr via ATC, but that doesn’t include the actual landing rwy.

Automatation is a fine thing. But it has to work first. ATC so often chooses wrong runways (e.g. 36 at Frankfurt - which is a not used rwy, only 18 is used and only for takeoffs). So again, automatation is a fine thing, but if it’s not working correctly, please let human brains jump in.

Let us choose our dep and arr runways by ourselves (best place is the flightplan menu, AND the inflight ATC).


Sometimes, pilots wish to depart on a different runway than Ground Control wants to send them to for a number of reasons. It’d be nice to be able to request a different runway, or even an intersection departure.


Once ATC issues landing instructions and gives a runway number, is there a way to change to a different runway? Also do the air marshallers on the ground at the airports actually work and guide you to a stop? I read different things… they don’t seem to work for me.

Thanks for any tips!

it’s too late to change runway etc. when ATC calls u, however before there should be an ATC option to ask for another approach etc.

Thanks… I find when I setup a flight you have to select a landing runway right? But when you call into ATC en route they have a different runway, I don’t think I saw an option to select a different approach… I must be missing a step here…

on IFR flight u ll have both options, runway and approach

Got it now… thank you!

Do those ground people at airports actually guide the planes to a stop?

At some larger FBO’s that service corporate jets will often have ramp agents to marshal you in to a parking spot. Airlines have people or digital displays on the buildings to tell them when to stop.

If you are parking in the general aviation terminal, you likely won’t have anyone out there telling you where to park.

Thanks Bill from TX

Can’t you do that now? Not sure what ATC does when you do but all you have to do is zoom in on the map in the planner and click where you want to start. That is how you do a Cold/Dark start also. Do the same for Arrival airport.


I’m pretty certain you can choose the runway during planning if you are flying IFR. Regardless though you can still ask ATC for a runway change no matter what flight rules you are using.


You can, if you want to start directly from the runway (with running engines, etc.). But I start all my flights cold&dark at a gate. Then ATC chooses your runway. And there’s noting you can do about it.

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I seem to recallban option in the ATC menu that says ‘select another runway for takeoff’?

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Maybe with VFR? Never had that in IFR…

Yeah but if your playing for a realism factor, thats the way it is, you go where ATC tells you to go. You could always ignore ATC until airborne then start your FP while in flight.

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In IFR it’s not possible. And anyway not very realistic/simulation-like.

But it can be a “wish”, I’m not in to say it’s a “Bug” or an (urgent) issue IMHO

Not if ATC sends you to a closed runway. That’s actually an issue with the nav database.


Okay never had this problem myself…point taken.

i start every flight Cold & Dark at the gate too, yet still i know what RWY i will take off.
In World Map i first plan my flight with Airports only. THis shows me the current RWY active.
Then I select IFR High Altitude giving me a route
I then change the RUnway to my gate, enter a SID, select the STAR and Approach and fianlly the Altitude

THis way I have the full flightplan for ATC but my A320 is waiting cold & dark for me when im ready to fly.


if you want a different runway, just make sure you select a STAR assigned to the runway you want.


You can easily change or set your departure and arrival runway during create flight process. Make you sure you are flying IFR.

Step 1: Choose “Departure Airport” and “Arrival Airport”.
Step 2: Instead of runway choose a “Ramp” or a “Gate” for start up.
Step 3: To change the departure runway or arrival runway just zoom into the map and click on that runway which you want to use. It will change the departure runway. Same as arrival runway.

If you did this the ATC automatically chooses that runway that you have choosen.