Please Open A Communication Channel

I really wish Asobo will open a communication channel here in the forum. At present other than Community Managers doing announcements there is a lack of communication from Asobo.

Developers reading the forum posts here is just half the story without an effective direct communications.

Most developers have a Project Manager or someone similar who addresses any concerns and gives some kind of response. This is totally lacking. Developer Q&A doesn’t really address this need for a direct communications.

With the current model it seems that all the issues raised are just that and nothing more. Yes, someone is reading them and are aware and working, But it leaves an unfavorable impression because there’s only a one way channel. It would be good if Asobo’s communications representative comes onboard and say what’s the issue, the problems encountered and the actions being undertaken. This channel can be more tightly moderated so that only constructive criticism and issues are discussed.

For e.g. how many would really understand that the atmospheric issues were present before SU5 and fixed but broken again. Some background information on the current issues would go a long way to help users understand and emphasize.

Thank you.


They read the Forum. Use Zendesk bug-reporting. Let them get on with it. Cheers.


i could not agree more with @AthenaGrey1 so much hate right now discord fourms and also moveing now to redit, at this rate the are lossing any credabilty they had. i would take less than 10 min to post we know theres an issue and rest that we are very much fixing thing and they doint even need to give a date.


They would just lie to save face if they did have someone communicating. Some people just can’t handle the truth.

well they are doing a lot of that at the momennt as well

They basically dipped out for the weekend.

As much as this might look nicely on paper, I don’t think it’s practical to have developers constantly responding to issues when it’s more efficient for those issues to either be read by the developer or be relayed to the developer via CM or other staff.
Other than maybe a technical response on why X issue is happening, which is already generously provided by @Bishop398 in various topics, I fail to see the benefit.

If you’re aware the developers are reading the issues, the CMs are responding to issues where they can/are permitted to release information for, and moderators are escalating various issues… why is that not good enough? I’m all for open communication but consideration needs to be accounted for information that is not ready to be released. As soon as something is released to the public, that is then held as gospel - if something is even minutely different, for whatever reason: the community is typically not very happy.

All that being said, the CM team is getting a boost of assistance from the lovely SeedyL, so that should help with community engagement in that regard!


Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback. We hear you and understand you are seeking more direction communication from Microsoft/Asobo. While this is certainly worthwhile feedback, the role of the Community Team is to relay messages from the team directly to you. And yes, @Angernerve is also correct in expressing some of the issues facing this.

And we can both agree that more communication is still needed. We are super happy to welcome @SeedyL3205 to our team! He just started today and will be a big help here relaying more messaging to the community.

As another note, we do our best to respond to many of the issues here, but formal communication from the team will go to our #community:news-and-announcements section.

Currently, the team is working on a formal communication regarding the recent issues - while it is not ready to go yet, once it is, you can check it out in the News and Announcements section.