Please - Quit loading Controller Profiles "On the Fly"

I will add this to Zendesk but wanted to share the thought here.

You have the ability to create multiple controller sets which can be called up per aircraft type. In the sim, you can do this by clicking the “up” / “down” arrows next to each controller you have for your sim. For me, its the TCA Airbus Sidestick and the X52 Throttle. I have a profile saved for several aircraft. Each time you click to select a new profile, the sim actually loads the profile. Creating a pause and a clunky experience as you make your way through the list to the intended profile. That by itself seems time-consuming and very inefficient. And, as has now happened twice, you can get “hung” where the menu never loads the controller set and you have to hit “Esc” and start over.

Proposed Solution:
Create a drop-down menu where the user can select the desired saved setting and then load AFTER selection. This would save time, and eliminate “on-the-fly” file loading which seems to me to introduce the possibility of file corruption or some other anomaly.

Oh wow, I did not know that that was happening! Is that still a problem?

By the way, there is a popular Wishlist topic that does not propose a fix to your problem. However, if implemented, it would eliminate much of the need to switch profiles. Thought I would share it, in case you wanted to vote for it:

(The key proposal in that topic is automatic loading of profiles when you select an aircraft.)


100% agree with this request and will vote. This is exactly how X-Plane manages profiles and makes things much easier to manage.

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