Please set correct terrain heights for the British Channel Islands

49.494362, -2.298107

The British Channel Islands are a hugely popular destination for aircraft enthusiasts as the islands have some terrific scenery and marvellous leisure activities. However, the terrain heights are wrong and all of the islands are missing their cliffs and basically the correct terrain height. Please add the correct terrain in one of your updates. Thank you!

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Although devs do sometimes read the forums you should realize this is the “Self-Service” forum for users, and not a wish list area to communicate with devs.

you need to submit a support ticket to have any chance in having this fixed for future. There is an option for scenery fixes.

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Thanks for the pointers. I have already created a ticket and was just casting a wider dragnet to see what turns up. As it happens, I may end up doing this myself if I’m not too busy on other things and I can get my brain to function adequately enough! :slight_smile:

I only mentioned this because I would also like these fixed. From Ontario myself but spent a lot of time in BC and just love that area. I’m guessing their scenery dept. will be busy for a while fixing things like this.

There are so many beautiful places that aren’t being shown in their true form. I wanted to use the sim as a form of virtual travel, and I very much expect this to be a strong selling point for the sim … thus a strong motivator for the devs to clean up these areas once they have addressed some critical priorities. I will take a look myself shortly and report back on how painful or painless it is.


Please ask your friends and colleagues to consider up-voting this topic, or something broadly similar, so we can raise it to the attention of the development roadmap.

Guys, terrain data in FS2020 is very very bad in general.
We have to push this, otherwise it won’t get fixed.
Check out my thread about it:

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This item has been reported fixed from several world updates ago.