Please, solve the popping problem

I love this game, I already played 60 hours and I’m trying to fly around the world from my city.

When I travel over mountains like Pyrenees or The Alps the popping is awfull, mountains change all the time the size and the textures.

I dont know when this problem started, but in my first weeks playing FS I didn’t remember this problem.

Is like the first week I played Red Dead Redemption 2 and now Im playing Cyberpunk 2077… like two diferent games and one of them with a lot of problems.

This problem should be very important to Asobo.

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I agree Its the same in VR also, Hope they sort this soon

This was a “bug” introduced due to trying to fit this sim on the Xbox which has limited RAM. It never was like that for the first 11 months before Sim Update 5/Xbox release on July 27th. In the past, everything was always loaded in full resolution with pretty much zero pop-in. Hopefully the next update reverts the change entirely at least for PC users with better hardware.

In VR, the sim is unplayable that’s how bad it looks now. On any airliner flight you will see the terrain below you pop and morph in and out of resolution details. It looks horrendous especially since everything is life sized you will see full cities and mountains pop in right before your eyes.


But I played on Series X from the Day 1 and I didn’t remember this problem the first weeks.

I think it should be a posterior update.

It was there on Day 1, but you likely didn’t notice it at first. For those of us with lots of time in the sim, it’s immediately noticeable.

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There’s always been a problem with morphing, it just depends where you fly and that first picture is neither popping or morphing but a scenery bug the location of which should be reported to Zendesk.

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Maybe, but from some days is too much, from play 2 hours at day I don’t play now, I’m waiting to know mucho about it because is too much.

Waiting for a better solution, popping can be greatly reduced if you have enough RAM (>=32GB) and follow those instruction to create a ramDisk for the rolling cache. I did some tests tonight with great success. A good way to wait for a devs solution!

I’m playing with series X, I can’t upgrade my RAM.

I hope they are working with this bug, is very annoying.

They said they were and the X certainly should see improvement, I’m not sure about the S though, probably some but not so much. The problem with non expandable ram is they may have to nick bits from other features to do it.

Two videos:

First one on Series X, without popping, from 13 days ago:

Second one, on Series X, with a lot of popping, from today:

Is not a “day one bug”, is something new, they have update something in this days.

That’s commonly known as morphing, popping is something else. Unfortinately the only real cure for morphing is better Bing data and it’s a big big world so don’t expect a quick fix. Fortunately there are many locations where it isn’t so bad so the real baddies are easily (but not always) avoided by choosing more populated areas.

Ah not just me. Was flying across some mountains in Eastern Oman near Muscat and the terrain popping and shape shifting of the mountains was just terrible!!

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But I didn’t watch this 15 days ago.

Maybe 15 days ago could be a little popping, but not as much as now, now is impossibly play in sites with some montains.

There are three different issues outlined in this thread (mesh spikes, scenery culling, terrain morphing), so for those interested it would be recommended to vote/participate in the following bug reports/requests since they are used by Asobo to collect feedback.

I pay today on Alps and Pyrenees and no terrain morphing or popping, everything good.

I don’t know what the problem is but today I fly perfect, I hope this is not lucky.

This example isn’t popping though. It’s a bug introduced in SU5, and a lot of fun actually. Try landing on the runway at the base, and there’s also another on that flat part on the top! :rofl:

I do concur with your terrain LOD popping issues though, and many occur very close to the aircraft.

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