PMDG 737 Discussion (PC Version) (Part 1)

OMG seems like the 737 is back on track for a 2021 release!? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unstable? Not one single CTD since SU5. It runs rock-solid :slight_smile:

I would also say that quite a few developers stick to XPlane and P3d but not because of stabilty or anything about MSFS. The reasons are mostly that they don’t have resources and it will take a lot time. So if your product comes out in 2024 it may not be the best idea to start showing it.

Much more interesting is the exciting question what new developers will go into MSFS right away because that is in many ways the most painless, fastest way to do it.

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Reading that PMDGs 737 will enter testing soon means for me that the SDK can’t be so incomplete as people make it seem to be.

I guess thousands of people on this forum are lying then. and so were every developer whose products were broken by su5.

few missing pieces in the SDK

yeah that’s called not stable enough

and where are these tons of airliners the only confirmed ones are pmdg, qw, and another a320

No it is not, it is called being in development, all new flight sims need to adapt their SDK together with addon developers, who provide the know how.

And you are clearly missinformed, more than 15 airliners are already confirmed to be in development. QW 787, Fenix 320 and PMDG 737 are simply the ones coming out briefly.



Look for them yourself, I know my numbers but I don’t keep a list of “sources” to give on forums.
Only PMDG have confirmed their entire lineup coming to MSFS, 737, 747 and 777 and its different versions + CRJ + DC6 + FBW 320 Neo + Fenix Sim 320 + QW 787 + A340 from a Spanish group I can’t recall the name + payware A350 + TU134 (TU-134 by KAI 31 - #5 by BostonJeremy77)

And so many more I can’t remember right now.

The SDK is only part of the equation.

Accurate, complex airliners don’t appear “overnight”. The original PMDG 737NG for FSX did not arrive until five years after FSX was released. No matter how good the SDK might be, creating an accurate emulation of a complex aircraft and all its systems is a lot of work, and requires extensive testing. Much of the functionality of aircraft like the PMDG Boeings is done outside of the SDK in any case.

We know that all of the PMDG airliners will be coming to MSFS, beginning with the 737 - Leonardo plans to create an MSFS version of their highly-regarded MD-80, Aerosoft has already released their CRJ for MSFS.

These are all established developers - the new Fenix A320 is coming too, and though Fenix is a new development house, their previews look very good, and we know that the core of their product comes from the established and highly accurate Prosim A320.


there is a list at msfs addons

Our continuously updated list of aircraft under development for MSFS - MSFS Addons

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So what’s everyone guesses on a release? I’m thinking showcase at the end of September and maybe a release early to mid October.
Never flown anything from pmdg so definitely looking forward to their 737. Planning a lot of US carrier routes to fly with it while we wait😅

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Before the end of the year, most likely.

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Just read this.

Goes to show that I truly hope Asobo has learned their lesson with major sim updates not only impacting users, but also major third party vendors. I find it a bit unacceptable that they only had 5 days to test their planes pre SU5 launching.

I hope Jörg read PMDG’s note.

Barring another SU5 fiasco, we will see the plane before q4. Fingers/wings crossed.

How are you so sure? From what PMDG seems to imply, they’re not really even talking with Asobo much.

Not definite. Just rumors… Hope it’s sooner than later but I am still enjoying PMDG on FSX.

Still no announcement about my favorite plane yet…?

I’m curious why some claim the SDK is not suitable for PMDG systems when there are already airliners on the platform with complex systems.


Well, as the title says, it might be. Might be tomorrow, might be next week, might be next month, for all we know it might be 30 december, screenshots and all, youtube videos, tutorial and the next day, poofff… it’s there. Could be, could not be.

Anyway, if there is any real news, you will definitely know it without even reading it from this topic. The world of the armchair pilot will go mad that day.

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