PMDG 737 Discussion

Over at the PMDG forum, a couple days ago Randazzo posted a new update for the DC-6, below he also said: ‘We are also beginning to map out unveiling our next release for MSFS… Exciting times ahead!’

We may very well see the 737 announced this month or the next


Looking forward…

Hope so …. Tired of CRJ and Aerosoft


If I could ask - what issues do you have with the CRJ? I was thinking about purchasing it.

Slow bug fixing mainly … and i do not like the support they give ( always pointing towards customers …. Weeks later turns out to be a bug for example )


I like it a lot. The plane was new to me, so I sure had to learn how to handle it durings landings the first couple of times. Since the last update there aren’t too many bugs left. I fly it without trouble. She’s a bit of a challenge though, if you’re used to autothrottle on those powerful jet engines it sure is new to manually throttle. At the same time it gives you a lot more feel to it too after a while.


Cross fingers :crossed_fingers: I can’t wait for this release.
I need a 737-800 NG in my life.:wink:


Yes, I’ve been following the PMDG forums as well. I have all their planes for P3D and cannot wait to get the 737 in MSFS .


I just hope it doesn’t cost too much, if the DC-6 was cheaper than the P3D version then perhaps the 737 will be cheaper too?


I really don’t know. I got the 737 NGXu back when they were giving a 99$ voucher for the MSFS version. You had to buy the 737 in a certain timeframe to get this voucher. So I guess quite a few people will have this 99$ discount

After the fantastic DC6 and at a great price too I have developed a lot of respect now for PMDG. Previously, I have had no experience of their flight models since most of my recent flight sim time has been with X-plane 11. I am reasonably confident however that anything they come out with will be pretty good. Having said that my inclination is towards GA study level (hate that term but it’s sometimes useful) aircraft so really i’m on the edge of my seat waiting for the Comanche from A2A simulations and hopefully then the Aerostar 600. Anyway, great times hopefully ahead for all of us :slightly_smiling_face:


Not the discussion about the price again, please… That topic has been beaten to death.


And if you bought it thorough the Marketplace, it can crash your sim when you try to start it. Two full months and no fix from Aerosoft or Asobo. And no hint a fix is coming in the next Sim Update.


Yeah realy disappointing. Its the first and last Aerosoft experience for me.


I had no issues with CRJ buyed through marketplace. Allways I flight works like a charm.


Hope it is a 777


I cant wait for some exciting payware airlines. Especially QW787.

Speaking of QW787. Has there been any further indication of timelines?

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Still thanks to pointing out problems for those of us who are on the fence. I was never fully convinced by this plane nor the way it was presented (the drivel they published about all the things that it is not rubbed me off the wrong way). I can wait and as of today it looks like I can save the money.

The issue affects those of us with older processors (even though they meet current specs) that cannot write the new instructions to decrypt Marketplace purchases such as the CRJ since Sim Update 4. I’m hoping that Sim Update 5 will deliver a fix, but the silence from Asobo is disturbing.

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I hope you’re right – but in all fairness, that’s a total guess when you said “this month or next” – for all we know, it could be November. (hope I’m wrong)