PMDG 737 in VR

It would be great to know if any VR flyer bought this plane yet and can comment on VR performance and cockpit visuals (vs for example the FBW 320 or the Heavy division 787)?

Also do the knobs and switches work well with the VR controllers? Especially if there are any push/ pull rotary switches, as these can cause issues if not well implemented. Many thanks!


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Why facebook?


Okay. Below is what I originally posted.

Is it out of topic of this post or a spam? Blocking referring other’s post without checking it looks quite unreasonable. Unpleasant experience with this forum management as well.


Very promising comments on there regarding performance !

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I think so. But someone flagged my post and made it as you can see above.

I bought it today and ran a few circuits at KBOI in VR. Performance was really good, better than the FBW A320, and the cockpit textures look great. I’m very happy with it as a VR user.


Thanks, based on comments here I went ahead and bought the plane :slight_smile: I have only had chance for a 10 minute quick look but can give initial answers to my own questions in case it helps others

VR Performance - as others have said, seems really good!

VR Cockpit visuals - I have an issue that the fluffy seat coverings are shimmering for me on Quest 2, full resolution - it looks a bit like static noise on an old CRT television. Do others have this? Otherwise visuals are excellent and comparable to FBW A320

VR controllers - this is disappointing as there are problems with many of the levers. It doesn’t seem to have been really tested. For example,

  • Landing gear cannot be clicked+dragged, and even the “increase/decrease cockpit interaction” workaround does not work. Clicking the trigger moves the handle to the middle position, then clicking again brings it to the bottom position.
  • Speedbrake and flaps lever are draggable, but they move so slowly for it to be not useable (and the flaps only move one notch). The “increase/decrease” binding does work here, but again too slow on the speedbake lever.
  • I was struggling to push/control the HUD brightness knob. There may be others that have problems, I didn’t get time to try them all.
  • Yoke is not grabbable at all, but this is perhaps lowest priority given all aircraft have poor yoke control due to MSFS implementation.

Hopefully these can all be fixed as they work in other aircraft (except yoke)


Superb in VR. Great performance. Can’t comment on VR controllers, never use them…

What are your pc/vr specs?

I’m a VR user, and i can tell you, that plane is perfect! it works well and is completly realistic in size. The cockpit feels real, the wing look real size when you’re out of the cockpit (little trick it works awsome) and is smooth as hell. I have an RTX2060, i5 8 generation and 32 GB RAM. And it runs even better than Captain Sim 777.

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My specs are i9 10850K @ 5.2GHz HT Off - RTX 3080 10GB - 32GB 3200MHz RAM - 1TB NVME SSD - FS2020 @ 4K Ultra / HP Reverb G2 High/ Ultra - Windows 11

I should add that I don’t use VR controllers as I have the T16000M flight pack which has enough easily accessible switches to keep both hands otherwise occupied.


Can confirm the issues with the VR Controllers. For the Flaps and Speedbrake Levers I found out that if you are using the Trigger button with pointing at the target position of the lever you want them to go they will just move there - not very realistic but actually works better then the slow movement with the INC/DEC binding. Gear lever is a big issue - you‘ll need joystick buttons to operate it

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is it me only, but yoke handle is`t little too thin?
what you think?

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Performance is good after the nightmare of taking 7 hours from paying to accessing the download. The cabin’s a bit of a tight squeeze compared to the A320nx and the almost pillbox windscreen is more of a struggle than I remember. I find that I have to go back to the spacious Airbus cabin to recuperate after a flight in the 737!
I’m a bit annoyed that I’m going to have to learn how to use SimBrief to load up the flight computer or learn how to program the flight computer. I’ve been putting off the SimBrief thing since getting the CRJ550. I’ve developed a headache just thinking about it! :anguished:

This is definitely made for VR and I think it’s worth the discounted price tag even for lazy flyers like me! :thinking:


Sometimes the tool bar will not open in VR. Other than that, I am very happy and I really hope that MSFS will pay some LOVE to VR. Flight Sim is best when in VR if you ask me…
Just Saying . lol

Same I just never cared to use FMCs nor Simbrief, guess I’ll start learning them this weekend.

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Use OpenXR Toolkit solves VR problems for most people by implementing Resolution Scaling.

45 FPS in the air, 35 taxiing on big airports,

smooth as butter after I tweaked my settings for the infamous micro stutters,
737 looks great,

implemented ‘PMDG’ mouse behavior, but that has some problems, so that needs to be solved still but default mouse is OK.

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I fly using an i7-7700k with a GTX1080TI and a Quest 2 - it’s a smooth ride and very clear.

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I felt like coming home…
Imagine me sitting in my 737 homebuilt cockpit wearing VR… seems like a bad solution, but with only one monitor to play around with in 2D, this is a much better experience.
I could look at the tq, stretching my hand for it, and there it is. Alligned about perfect. My yoke is a bit to low, overhead to long forward and mcp to far away. If i could get things adjusted the immersion would be perfect if only my hardware could talk to the pmdg model :grin:
Regarding smoothness its absolutely great!!!

Check the settings/orefewnces menues via the CDU for a lot of settings that can be altered. I got my eyebrows windows opened and ramdom failures set to active.
I have a lot of exploring to do, but was flyable by vr and a mouse on instant.