PMDG 737 Release Plan Live

Can watch here.


Available May 9th!!!



Was really hoping today to enjoy it on the weekend, but hey, at least we have a freaking date.


Y’all should have seen the PMDG forums. People were ready to riot if they didn’t get an update today.


May 9th my last exam yay. Soon as I get home instant purchase.

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Can’t blame us… we’ve been waiting since August 2020! lol


You make a good point! I’m glad it’s here now too! Can’t wait for next week so long as we can all boot up the actual sim.

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Duped. Upcoming PMDG 737 discussion

One little tidbit from that video: 17,000 manhours.

Those who know anything about the run rate in the gaming SW industry can take a guess at how many millions of dollars would buy that effort, not to try to guess at PMDG’s actual investment but just as a general number if you went out to get something like this done. A non-trivial amount.

Based on the current average hourly rate for Game Programmers, that about $750,000, but I suspect in reality, a lot less.

While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $80.29 and as low as $16.83, the majority of GAME Developer wages currently range between $36.06 (25th percentile) to $62.02 (75th percentile) across the United States.

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Wage, versus cost, versus price.

Big difference… How big depends on the industry and if it is onshore or offshore. Again not trying to guess at PMDG’s actual investment, just musing over what this would cost if you had the idea to do this and wanted to pay someone to implement it.

good news !

It also paves the way for the Fenix to be released soon after the 737 hysteria subsides. Interesting PMDG emphasizes this is not a P3D port and the huge delay was making sure it was designed up to MSFS specs. The most expensive plane in the sim (MD-82) is sadly just a P3D port. I expect they wanted to pip the 737 (and try to do the same for the JF146) to grab money first. Great time to be flight simming and I will add the 737 to my hangar to jon the BAE146. A spot left for the Fenix A320 later on.


I haven’t done any research as I haven’t flown an A320 yet but I do know the FBW A320 has a massive following.

What would the primary difference be between FBW and Fenix?

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A lot of people will tell you that the fenix is a ceo whereas the FBW is a neo. They’re different beyond the engines. I’d say you may only care if you’re really into the A320. A big difference is simulation depth. The FBW is great but really still missing a lot of features and in-depth simulation. They just started to get VNAV in for example. The Fenix will have all the bells and whistles when it comes out.


Got ya, that makes sense.

Thanks for the explanation.

Hey @skypilotYTS. I moved your post here to the #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft category. I also added a couple appropriate tags to help with searchability.

Exciting times for those looking for deeper level addon aircraft, and especially those from well established developers in the community.


All - Two Things immediately come to mind:

  1. How it performs in the sim now and in the future, so will be watching their forum and this one to see those features and how people like them.
  2. Suspect, it may be more in-depth, with lots of Gate/Ramp workup time than some want to spend. I realize, pilots actually spend more time “planning the flight” than actually flying the route. Initially would just want to get on the RW and take off to see how it fly’s. But think based on all the “pre-release” videos, lots of setup of things to get started. And I am aware, of one point made early on in the series, the initial “MSFS Start Up Time” will be between 8-14 minutes, as the PMDG code takes the place of the MSFS code so it can work in this sim. Repeatedly, the announcer stressed, NOT USING GAME CONTROLS for lots of systems in the plane, use the plane controls, or bad things will happen.

Disclaimer for all: MSFS is now off PC, we are moving, testing my internet tomorrow at new house to make sure it works there, and I will check download speeds, as it might be even slower than here (takes a 7 day period to download complete game) so if it’s even slower there, am not going to put game back on system till I can get a reasonable download speed so it does not take a week. And first hand reports are going to be very important to me, to see what issues people are having and how big one, how much does the PMDG-737 cost, for each module.

Happy Flying all.

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Gosh, will I be feeling sick a lot next week, Sorry, boss…


Lol, am i the only one who could care less about the exact date minus a few days up or down but who would really like to know a price more then anything else.

Like will the split packages really be cheap for a PMDG product, like 60-75euro ish or are we going to see something closer to the MD-80 in cluding Vat, or perhaps even bust the 100 euro?

Hearing the manhours and time spent, i can only imagine they are less likely to put a low price on it.