PMDG 737 Release Plan Live

They’ve said a while ago that there is no more base package and expansion. The different ones are all seperate releases, so 700 is its own thing, 800 is its own, etc.

As stated, they have maintained for awhile now that each model will be its own purchase (not a combo or base package etc). You’ll pay full price for each one you want regardless of how many you buy.

Each model will have the passenger, cargo and BBJ (Boeing Business Jet).

As for Marketplace availability, maybe, up to them if they want to reach the PC community that way however it takes time to get there so won’t be for awhile after release.

I’d be very surprised if it makes it to XBOX anytime in the near or distant future.

Important that it does not give a recycling of the old software but it is programmed for MSFS. With the announced cost …
I have seen other similar planes that have the old FSX engine below which has only been remade for the MSFS file system.


they wouldn’t be bother also right now if that was the plan. Don’t let the su9 put you down

what time (EST or GMT) is the release slated for on the 9th?

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From Robert’s announcement today:

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I hope their servers can handle the traffic. This may be harder to download than snag a new graphics card in 2020.

I put my vote in for release based on local time zone. But then all you would go buy VPNs anyway.

The pricing will stay at the discounted $5 off until the -600 releases in 6 weeks (and that should only cost in the range of $50, per Robert’s post), so if the servers crash on Monday, there will still be plenty of time to pick it up and jump in next week sometime. I have to work all week anyway (so yay, money!). It’s just good that they’ve announced a date and a firm price, and ended all the speculation and angst.

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I only really want the 800, but if the 600 is only going to be around $50 I may pick that one up too!

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rather have a A300 than a 310

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Then this is not the thread for you, I’d guess. :slight_smile:

Look forward to this beautiful bird !

I don’t think we need to worry about that. Looks like these are going to be the most hight-fidelity and true-to-life ariliners ever released for any flight sim

He will certainly be very loyal.
I was referring to the underlying engine from the home cockpit builder’s perspective.

I have already seen that in practice both the DC6, the Maddog and the CRJ have reused the FSX functions adapting them to MSFS and not using what is offered by the MSFS SDK.

For the price at which they are sold I expected more effort.

But that’s just my humble opinion.

That’s all

or may be just wait one day or two that everything is slower…but personnaly, i can’t wait…lol…but i was thinking yesterday that there might be a problem of peak because everybody will buy and try it so the servers might be a bit overmelting…

Here’s some info on the pricing and time line that I read today (sorry if this has been posted already):


Let’s start with the release date. PMDG reports in a recently released FAQ that the new aircraft will arrive between 1700Z and 2359Z on May 9th. The initial release will take place on the PMDG webstore only with the aircraft planned to come to the marketplace slightly later on. The report from PMDG’s Robert Randazzo is that the process is much quicker than it used to be with the DC-6.

There will be promotional pricing with the 737-700 coming in at $69.99 USD on release with the price rising to a standard price of $74.99 USD. This will apparently not happen until the 737-600 releases so you’ll have a bit of time to jump in with the promo price. The 737-700 and -800 are expected to command the same price. The -600 they say will approximately be $50 USD. The -900 is not yet priced.

The approximated timeline for these aircraft goes as follows:

  • 737-700 releases on May 9, 2022
  • 737-600 is likely to release on June 20, 2022
  • 737-800 is likely to release on August 1, 2022
  • 737-900 is likely to release on September 12, 2022
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But, how many hours of that was provided for free by the test crew. (A copy of the product at the end is not being paid to do something.) As someone who was a lead tester for a major product, I can attest that for each manhour of coding we had at least twice that in testing. (One person coded and we had 5-6 people test.) Just something to consider when statistics are thrown out with no context.


Imagine only 3 people would have worked on that project for 2 years full time (Model, Code, Sound). That allone would be 12.000!!! Manhours. (100 weeks times 40 hours times 3). So I really doubt, that there are testing hours included.

Kind Regards

between 1700Z and 2359Z ? they really like to keep us on the long leash dont they


Be patience!
The end of waiting is nearby. :joy: