PMDG 737 - Wait for Marketplace?

As an ex X-Plane Zibo 737 fan, but now a FS2020 chap - I’m keen on getting the new PMDG 737. However, unsure if I should wait until the Market Place release. I find it easier to have all updates handled by FS2020, instead of an email … than having to go download a file and update manually.

Will there be a Marketplace release in the near future? Or can someone tell me the current non-Marketplace update procedure?

PMDG has a really good update process, super simple…


I think you can use the PMDG Operations Center app to download updates. But I might be wrong… I haven’t had any updates that have come through since release.


Could be awhile until you see it on the marketplace. Rob over at PMDG has said the 737 needs to be “stable” before they offer it here. The downfall of the marketplace is the slow time it takes for updates to get approved.

The PMDG ops centre is a good utility that keeps track of all your PMDG products and liveries. Also the latest updates/patches are pushed right away.


Get it from PMDG Direct. Updates are fine using PMDG Ops Centre. (In fact they just released DC6 Updates this morning.)

Personally can’t stand another launcher, so I will wait for marketplace release.


Sorry to say this but PMDG is more a no-no bird for the marketplace.

You won´t get the PMDG Operations Center (and without - say goodbye to all liveries because they can´t be installed) and you wait half a year for let´s say as example a small 1MB flight dynamics overhaul or cockpit fix patch all other PMDG pilots get the second it releases.
While you have to continue on literally forever with your bugged version.

After having installed the PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster from the marketplace about 3 weeks ago I still got no PMDG Operations Center (which means: STILL no liveries and no mods for my Cloudmaster Cargo since I bought it a year ago or so), but the 737 from the PMDG website comes with the Operations Center.

Thankfully there are almost no liveries for the Cargo Cloudmaster. But if you buy the 737 + Cloudmaster both in the marketplace you will not get the PMDG Operations Center at all and never be able to use 999999 pages filled to the brim with perfect mods liveries. Forever :wink:


Marketplace is a ■■■■. very Slow Updates, a lot of Bugs, zero support from the dev. directly. buy directly from the dev.


And not to forget:
More money per buy for the developer.
No Microsoft that wants some % from the price.

I approach MSFS 2020 as rather streaming service than a standalone software product unlike its predecessors. To sustain quality service, the provider, MS and Asobo, needs stable sources of revenue. In this regard, I support the in-game Marketplace. To maintain and improve the whole infrastructure (servers, real-time weather data, etc), taxation is needed in addition to initial sales profit. I think this is their business model. Survival of each developer fundamentally depends on the sustainability of this ecosystem. Direct purchase from developers doesn’t necessarily mean long term success of their business.


cant you just install dowloaded dc6 liveries from flightsim .to into your community folder or is that not possible with the fs marketplace version.?

Yes you can, unless they are specifically made only in PTP format in which case you need the Ops Centre. Some also come in both versions.

Folks complaining about “another launcher”. If you would rather wait until MP release and don’t want to click a single button and get instant updates direct from the developer, and also wait for updates to eventually make it to the MP, then fair enough.

Man, really… Where do you get all your ideas from lately?


The other thing to consider with respect to buying from the Marketplace is that you have no proof of purchase for anything since what you are buying are “flight sim credits” that are then applied by Microsoft to purchase add-ons on your behalf.

BTW, while the MS Marketplace is undoubtedly intended to produce revenue, IMO it is highly unlikely that such revenues factor into the business case for MSFS in any meaningful way. I would expect that the primary reason that MSFS got the green-light is because it provides a real-world demonstration of Microsoft Azure. Azure is the 500lb gorilla in the room and while I’m sure everyone is happy about the revenue stream from MSFS, its primary benefit to Microsoft is selling Azure and the secondary benefit is selling X-Boxes, (which is the other significant business focus for Microsoft). Microsoft conducts business at the strategic level and projects that don’t fit into the strategy don’t last long.

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I would DEFINITELY wait for the Marketplace version, based on my bad experience with getting the DC-6 from PMDG. The problem with the PMDG-bought version is that it scatters a bunch of hidden files all over the place, especially if you have MSFS installed on a disc other than c:. And these files are NOT removed by the regular Windows uninstaller, so you have to somehow find them all and delete them manually. If you don’t then the plane won’t work right when reinstalled, and reinstalling is the ONLY suggestion you’ll ever get from PMDG support.

I don’t know…not a big fan of the Marketplace because of the painfully slow updates and the PMDG 737 is just really good right now. Almost boringly good…it just works.

I sincerely wish it had an EFB (like Fenix, Aerosoft and FBW) but other than that it feels pretty perfect.

I really hope PMDG does a 777…

EFB will be added in a free update within a couple months (I expect it to be added about the time the -800 model comes out).

And they’ve already told us the 777 is next - Rob’s update last week indicated that they hope to have a teaser for us "soon."™ Probably some still images only at this point, but I expect after all they’ve gone through to get their development efforts focused and workable for MSFS on the 737-700, the 777 (and eventually 747) will be more straightforward. My guess is 777 will be ready sometime late this year or early 2023.

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Download the Operations center v2 from pmdg itself, it recognizes marketplace purchases and the pmdg store ones

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No, I am still not able to use 99% of all these cool liveries from for my Marketplace Cloudmaster :frowning:
Including all the awesome Everts Air Cargo liveries…

I downloaded many livraries from flightsim without any problems (marketplace version), except some livraries with “pink” problems because they are old SU versions.