PMDG Boeing 777 for Xbox?

Good day, everyone, i just would like to know if this PMDG Boeing 777 announced many times is also for Xbox version or is only PC, and eventually release date, thanks.

I hope it does, but keep in mind, even if it does eventually come to Xbox, I believe it will have the same navdata limitation of the PMDG 737. Specifically, the 737 does not use the MSFS native navdata (from NavBlue), and instead comes with a static built-in navdata package from Navigraph that will be fixed in time, currently with no way to be updated on Xbox.

There are several problems with this:

  1. Navdata gets updated every 28 days (13 AIRAC cycles per year)
  2. PMDG includes one AIRAC cycle provided by Navigraph. For the 737, this is AIRAC cycle 2204 (April 2022) which is approaching 2 years old.
  3. To update the navdata you need a subscription to Navigraph, and to be on PC
  4. There is currently no way to update the navdata on Xbox. If I understand correctly:
  • If Navigraph provided PMDG a periodic update, that could be included with a genearl update to the plane via the Marketplace, but since Navigraph only provides updates to paying subscribers, this is not done.
  • Even if there was a way to enter your Navigraph credentials in to the 737 in order to validate your subscription and qualify for the navdata update, Microsoft doesn’t allow downloading and saving of files on to the Xbox from any source other than the Marketplace
  1. PMDG and Navigraph have said that there might be a solution to this - allowing updates of navdata in the PMDG planes for paying Navigraph subscribers, but that this is still being explored. I think Microsoft has to approve it regardless.
  2. Since the PMDG plane has its own navdata, it doesn’t communicate flight plans to/from the World Map, and as a result native MSFS ATC won’t know about the flight plan unless you can replicate it in the World Map before entering the plane. The divergence of the navdata makes this increasingly difficult as more time passes, since the Sim’s navdata gets updated every month, but the plane’s navdata will remain fixed in time (until there is a solution).

I should note that in spite of the above notes, I find the PMDG 737 to be really great, and if you don’t mind out of date navdata (or at least make an informed purchase) it’s a very satisfying plane.

But I do find it somewhat boggling that Microsoft and PMDG and Navigraph have not been able to update navdata for such a premier “study-level” plane on the premier console. And Microsoft needs to do better with disclosure of these kind of material limitations on the Marketplace for paying Xbox customers - after all, we pay Microsoft for the PMDG plane.

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Thanks to you

I just about to make a topic for 777 Xbox i can’t wait for 777 to get to Xbox version but I don’t know if it can because of the iPad

It’s a ton of work to make such a complex airliner for Xbox so I wouldn’t expect it in the near future. They’re focusing on PC updates now anyway. We’ll probably get this on Xbox in MSFS 2024 or some time next year, but it surely won’t be a quick job.

They’ve said multiple times “weeks” after. I’d say mid/late July. The ton of work for Xbox has already been done, they’ve said that. It is different than the 737 when they did not know 100% how to approach it. They’ve known what is needed for the 777 to be on Xbox for over a year now and have prepared it. They are simply ensuring PC reliability before releasing to the market place.

They said “weeks” for the PC Marketplace. The last specific comment I saw from Mathijs was that as of a couple weeks ago, they had not even tried running the aircraft on the XBox platform yet.

Patience, XBox folks, it might be a while.

Robert said It will come to marketplace for PC and Xbox at the same time. As Mathis said in the same comment you referenced “functionally they are the same”. To me this means functionality for Xbox has long been included in the development. Also, where is the comment about testing on Xbox you’re referring to? I didn’t think it was possible to “test” on Xbox. Genuinely interested. And you are right there is always the chance it might be a while. The 737 runs flawlessly, probably one of the most reliable complex aircraft on Xbox, so I think they have the knowledge built-in to the 777. Hopefully they have prepared appropriately this time since they know what is required. If not they are letting 6 to 7 figure revenue sitting on the table which is not very wise from a business perspective.

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Yes I too looked for the " hasn’t been tested on Xbox yet " bit and I still can’t find it?

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It was a reply from Mathijs to one of the now-many “Wen Marketplace?!?!” / “Wen Xbox?!?” posts on the PMDG forums. And he didn’t say “test” - he specifically said they hadn’t run it on the XBox. Like, at all. Let alone in any kind of formalized test process.

So set your expectations accordingly.

EDIT: This isn’t the exact post I was thinking of but it’s in the same vein: “start testing” and “think weeks, not days” covers it.

Right weeks as I stated. And by testing I believe he means release on Marketplace to the public and begin adjusting from there. Even devs cannot test on Xbox without it being in the marketplace and available to everyone. At least that’s my understanding, correct me if I’m wrong. This is of course problematic, which is why we see a lot of Xbox products get released and they simply don’t work at all initially. I could be wrong but I think as far as the 777 project for Xbox, they may have slight updates like the one they just did but all and all the product is there and ready.

That’s not quite correct. There’s a Dev channel available through the Marketplace - developers give MS/Asobo the gamertags/usernames of testers and those people have the product available to test on whatever platform the code is compiled against. However, the process still requires the initial Marketplace intake process, which takes days (sometimes weeks) to even get going in the first place for a new product. So PMDG has taken the smart step of not even bothering to begin the process until they have the 777 on PC, available on their own Ops Center, at a state where they don’t expect to have to update it for another week or two before they start the Marketplace testing process.

Thanks for the info, I’ve never heard of this.
Any further info/threads on how that works?

Not specifically. I only know the generalities because I beta test for other devs (not PMDG).