PMDG Boeing 777 status

Has anyone heard any news of PMDG’s Boeing 777 and 737? At least how far along they are? Last I heard was that the program was delayed to at least the second half of 2021, and any other information i try to find is pretty dated.

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May I ask you why P3D? this is MSFS2020.

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They’re making a build to port the two aircraft for MSFS2020.

Are you aware that P3D or Prepard3D is a different Sim? The developer is PMDG Simulations, they make Boing for FSX/P3D and I am sure they are working on it for MSFS2020.

I got mixed up when writing it. Either way, have you heard anything besides the program being delayed.

Not sure; I personally fly small planes even though I own several PMDG from old sims. May someone could shine more info.

There is plenty of info over at PMDG’s forum. From their last update, they are hard at work on the P3D update on the 777 and the 772 series. The Global Flight Operations(GFO) is also keeping them busy, as they try to get that finally released. For MSFS, the first release will be the 737, and ultimately down the road, the 777/747/DC-6. Robert says that progress is going well with MSFS and is quite pleased with the support from Asobo on various SDK issues/questions. However, they are not anticipating a release of the 737 till late 2021. So, you’ll just have to be patient and save up your cash.


Hi my friends,

today the PMDG Boeing 777 was confirmed for MSFS!
Yes this is truly good news and I can´t wait to fly this high-tech beauty!

I am really impatient to finally get my hands on a true study-level airliner, but on the other hand I also hope PMDG take their time to make the machine absolute perfect :slight_smile:


As long as the Marketplace isn’t a complete rip off, it probably will. Or equivalents will. The sims producers will want a bite of the XBox market.

I wouldn’t get too excited though. My first thought was, “Great, the SDK must be stable enough for them to put work in developing it” - developing with a continually changing base is a nightmare for developers and support and testing.

But it’s really just a vague commitment to do so in the future. Unless MS do a Flight again, which I wouldn’t discount whatever they “promise”, there will be plenty of upgraded study level and eccentric aircraft for MSFS like there are for FSX and X-Plane.


I think it was confirmed a while back that all of the 737, 747 and 777 are coming to MSFS. When they last gave an update on the 737 I think they said there was a small chance the 777 could be released by the end of 2021, though I suspect that may have reduced a little since the SU5 difficulties. But hopefully early 2022.


PMDG never sell their product in marketplace?

I mean, it has been confirmed a while ago… 737 is first, 777 is MAYBE towards end of the year. 747 is next year. These have been confirmed back in June, I believe.


Oh no someone forgot to sign their post with a real name.
I think as others have said it was confirmed long time ago.


As soon as the PMDG airliners are released the new flight sim will fully live up to it´s name because all the old FS2004 and FSX fans will slowly drop in - every single one of them :wink:

There is nothing more alluring than having a real PMDG in the hangar…


Where have youve been. Its been confirmed months ago. Just gonna take a while to get into the sim

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Fly a pmdg product with a controller is even heresy…


Follow-up question: will it also be available on Xbox?

I dunno…The ability to control a pmdg 777 level simulation on an Xbox with a controller may cultivate one’s desire to purchase realistic flight controls. Honeycomb will probably release their Xbox compatible product line before or around the time PMDG can release their modern airliners.

I agree with you though. It imagine that it must still be frustrating to use a controller, even after the Xbox release. There’s a video on YouTube posted last year with a guy slamming his controller down after crashing his 787 saying, “Why!..(blam…blam…blam)” That’s my favorite MSFS funny moment clip.

PMDG stated a while back that we would be waiting a year or two before they were going to release their jet airliners - at least that’s the impression that I have.

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737 should come out in probably a month or so. They said 777 is possible before the end of the year. 747 is next year.


This is old news, and was announced months ago…

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