PMDG Boeing 777 status?

Has anyone heard any news of PMDG’s Boeing 777 and 737? At least how far along they are? Last I heard was that the program was delayed to at least the second half of 2021, and any other information i try to find is pretty dated.

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May I ask you why P3D? this is MSFS2020.

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They’re making a build to port the two aircraft for MSFS2020.

Are you aware that P3D or Prepard3D is a different Sim? The developer is PMDG Simulations, they make Boing for FSX/P3D and I am sure they are working on it for MSFS2020.

I got mixed up when writing it. Either way, have you heard anything besides the program being delayed.

Not sure; I personally fly small planes even though I own several PMDG from old sims. May someone could shine more info.

There is plenty of info over at PMDG’s forum. From their last update, they are hard at work on the P3D update on the 777 and the 772 series. The Global Flight Operations(GFO) is also keeping them busy, as they try to get that finally released. For MSFS, the first release will be the 737, and ultimately down the road, the 777/747/DC-6. Robert says that progress is going well with MSFS and is quite pleased with the support from Asobo on various SDK issues/questions. However, they are not anticipating a release of the 737 till late 2021. So, you’ll just have to be patient and save up your cash.


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