PMDG Douglas DC-6

Look what PMDG uploaded
Found no other information
Its only this picture


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For those of us who are not on Facebook, what is it?

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It’s a picture of a Douglas DC-6


Looks nice and that, but it better come after the 737!!! :joy:


My guess is, this is something PMDG can put out relatively quickly and can also used by them to wrap their heads around using the new SDK. I think their more complex aircraft will follow later, again, when they fully understand what they can do, complex system wise, with the SDK. I’m sure in this regard, there are conversations between them and MS on what they need out of the SDK to get those complex 737’s flying…


We know their 737 is coming - but I expect to be getting a lot more use out of this one. I’ll take something fire-breathing and oil-dripping any day…


I’m sure I’m in the minority but I’d prefer this over all of their other planes. It was such a joy to fly in P3D and XP.


That is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

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An observation - the last sim they ported this to was x-plane, and they abandoned both the port and that sim in a very acrimonious manner. PMDG fans are some of the most ardent fans on the internet so god help anyone dare to point out such blemishes on their pristine reputation!


Actually you’ve got the order backwards. It was released first for X-Plane 10, and only after that for FSX and P3D.

I agree they didn’t handle X-Plane well - they released it late in the XP10 cycle, then announced they weren’t going to update it for XP11 because they’d never promised an update. Which was strictly true, but still broke the custom that X-Plane releases typically cover two versions. And X-Plane users didn’t get much time to use the product before X-Plane 11 came along.

If people decide to avoid it on that basis, I understand. But my guess is that the real issue is that X-Plane development didn’t pan out for them. So they decided to cut their losses. It left a bad aftertaste. But on the FSX/P3D side, they’ve been good about keeping releases current (for a price, yes). And given the size of the MSFS market, I’m guessing the chances of abandonware are much lower.

Bottom line: not their finest hour. But maybe just the marketplace in action.


Well, at least you’re not alone. The DC-6 IMHO is the most beautiful airliner with four piston engines. Beating the (more iconic) L1049 Constellation. Cockpit and side windows, engine nacelles and stabilizer remind me of the DC-3 and still the whole plane looks much more modern and very elegant.

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Hi all,

Its surprising that MSFS 2020 wasn’t released with more classic propliners.
I’m not knocking the aircraft they did release, but they really dropped the ball not including at least a DC-3 or a Connie.



And definitely much more practical - overbuilt, and with that tubular fuselage that’s perfect for cargo. There’s a reason they’re still soldiering on for Everts while the Connies are long gone.

In P3D, I wound up flying the PMDG DC-6 much more than the A2A Connie, which was the opposite of what I expected. The Connie had that weird pitch twichiness - which may be characteristic of the real airplane but felt overdone - and the autopilot was so much trouble to manage that it was easier to hand-fly. The DC-6 had a nice solidity to it (thanks to Alexander Metzger’s flight model). And I think they did a nice job of bridging a classic aircraft into the modern era, with a useful period autopilot (not the default FSX one A2A gave you as a modern option, which felt like it was a serious break in realism). Put in lots of hour on her and hope to do the same in MSFS - she’s perfect for Alaska or the Caribbean.

Good DC-6 vs. Connie comparison here.


as a piston plane lover, i’m really curious about this one.
i hope it’ll be a good suprise and a good product, some airplanes available are… well… quite disappointing

They teased us already on April 1st with kind of a Joke… Turns out it wasnt (which was kinda obvious). Look at this beauty:

Source: [01APR21] PMDG's Annual April Fools Joke! (April Fool!) - PMDG Simulations


Lets go boys!!!

DC-6 only a few weeks from release, 737 release this year, possibility for 777 this year or first half of 2022!

PMDG launches Youtube-Channel, posted first parts of the DC-6 tutorials, more to come, followed by advanced tutorials!


Well that is something - might have to eat my hat!


What I like most about this pic is the fact that there’s a layer of Cumulus Humilis floating above another layer of Cumulus Humilis, something you’d never see in real life. Fix your clouds, Asobo. About the actual topic: plane looks cool.

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