a long long long long long time to wait for some really Study-Level Aircraft and further time to go for some Cargo planes

Yes. They won’t even let weather devs full access to the sim from an external program.

I have a feeling it will never happen.

This sim will ultimately become a console game for arcadey play sat on the sofa…which is fine if that is your bag.


I see reading isn’t your strong suit…


i hope not but i am sure they are will be some nice study-level aircrafts in future
I got only FS2020 and will not buy any other Flight Sim just for better aircrafts because the graphics here are just incredible and furthermore bought some add-ons and don`t want to buy twice…

My PhD would suggest otherwise…as would my writing for Computer Pilot magazine for 3 years.:rofl::+1:

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“I have been mostly-mis-quoted ten thousand times this week as having said something along the lines of “the MSFS SDK isn’t capable of supporting what we do” or “MSFS isn’t capable of supporting what we do.” I want to be very clear in stating that this new sim is highly dynamic and changing continually. What may have been true in June of 2020 is not necessarily true any longer. From the standpoint of development, we are not currently seeing any major limitations to prevent us from bringing our product catalog into MSFS.”


That‘s basically in line with A2A‘s statement. They will circumvent the core sim even more than they did with FSX and P3D but they will be able to come to MSFS „soon“.

Ahhh I can’t wait for PMDG - P3D fanboys to jump to MSFS, wait they will just jump to a game? Not bad for a game then :joy::joy::joy::joy:


So P3D fanboys, there you heard it from your Godfather RSR, the SDK is no longer an issue, so yeah please move on. We are still happy to welcome you to our “arcade game” LoL


We see that a lot on the Internet don’t we, and another a few posts down misrepresenting Rob yet again.


Ahhh, that explains it.


Patience isn’t a virtue in aerospace, it’s a requirement.

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Why do you assume they haven’t jumped already?

Best layed plans of mice and men … huh ?

Time will tell I guess.

Strange how PMDG didn’t even get the SDK prior to full release.

Reading between the lines… ?

What abot Majestic ? Or Flight1’s GTN suite ? They need to run software outside the sim which talks to the sim. In the case of this sim, it’s DRM’d and encrypted tighter than a proverbial tight thing.

I really hope complex sims WILL arrive, but I’m not holding my breath. And, that’s before we talk about the likely single digit performance. … each update is 1 step forward 3 back in terms of performance.

But heh… it’s all good in P3D. So who cares.

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I am no expert, never used P3D…have NO desire…was PMDG immediately released immediately for P3D…was it a flawless process


Well your punctuation and grammar in other post’s kind of contradicts the self proclamation!


No. It is an ongoing cycle of development through 20 years and 3 different sims but the quality remains the same. Study level.

Thanks for that,

I think its great that people use other Sims, however if your an avid fan of P3D or Xplane why they come on a MSFS forum to flex their qualifications and writing for a sim magazine to put it down, I wouldnt even dream of going onto to P3D forum…to flex my PHD in origami in making paper planes, anyway to the point its something to really look forward too, cant wait.