PMS50 GTN750 Project

It is also vertically squashed down (in this particular plane) ? I

pms50 GTN750 with G1000Nxi v12.2 use CDI will broken autopilot apr Visual approache use apr will broken from GPS to Loc1 again landing

play fly again please do not use CDI use apr Visual approache GPS landing ok

Hi all,

I converted the checklists for Milviz C310R into the .json format for GTN750, in case you want to use it.

Let me know if you have any issues or corrections.



Thanks buddy!

Where can I get a little more info on how to lean and Fuel Flow and EGT gauges work?


Assuming you’re talking about the 310, you will probably have better luck asking in the C310 topic or on the milviz discord.

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Is there somewhere to display wind direction and speed?

You can, but you will need to replace one of the four readouts in each corner.

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Gotcha…thanks so much!

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Found this…
Garmin GTN 725 750 Pilots Guide
190-01007-03_0B_web.pdf (

Hi there. I’m using the GTN 750 premium version with WTT plugin in the Cessna 310. However I don’t see the VNAV function working like it said it should in the documentation. How can I enable VNAV?

I’m not sure it has VNAV. It does have a VNAV calculator tool that you can use to figure out your top of descent. This tool is under Utilities > VNAV

oh, really? that was one of the main reason I got the addon :joy: oh well

In theory (and Practice) the GNS7500 could be intefaced to the KAp140, to give you GPS GS Vnav to the runway, as can be done with the GNS530.

see section 6:11

The GTN 7XX allows for flying LNAV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV + V, LP, and LPV
approaches according to the published chart.

How do you fly RNAV (RNP) approach in a plane with a PMS50 GTN750 and an AP? I have been told you have to be at the FAF at the correct altitude, but I can never get the GS to take. Can you not start the approach at the IAF? In any case, I can never get it to work. Admittedly, I am new to flying ILS or RNAV with an AP, but I can do it fine in a G1000 equipped plane, just never in a 750.

Any tips or specific things to do to make it work so I have something to work with? Thanks!

This is managed by the sim so you should get the same behavior whatever the GPS.
for RNAV:

  • Be sure to have the RNAV approach loaded in the flight plan and active at the GPS level
  • The CDi must be in GPS mode (not VLOC)
  • Engage autopilot APR mode before the FAF
  • Be at the correct published altitude at the FAF

Just to make it 100% clear ,

You start the Rnav Approach “procedure” at the IAF.

The GPS (in APR mode) coupled to the AP (in NAV GPS Mode) , will guide the plane Laterally, on each leg of the Approach, waypoint to waypoint.
It will NOT control your Altitude,
YOU control letting the plane down to the appropriate altitudes, for each leg,
Either by flying the plane manually, or if on AP, telling the AP your required altitude, and VS speed, and it will fly that for you.


As you approach the FAF, provided you are at the correct FAF altitude
, if you then set the “AP” to its APR mode, and it should capture the GPS Glideslope, and descend you automatically on the GPS GS, between the FAF and the Runway,

At or before Minimums, you should turn off the AP, and hand fly the plane (Visually, with the runway in sight – or execute the Missed approach procedure)

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Isn’t there a type of RNAV approach with vertical guidance? I’m sure I’ve flown of of those, into LOWI I think.

I just had a look at the chart, and it was probably RNP Z RWY 8, so not RNAV. I’ve probably remembered it wrong, but I thought it gave me guidance through the procedure, not just between the FAF, and the threshold. I might fly that again this week.

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Again, relative newbie here… but yeah I see a few different types of RNAV: RNAV (GPS) and RNAV (RNP). I have googled and read a bit but still get confused. Just from experimenting the RNP has vertical guidance. I can fly a G1000 equipped plane, like the Kodiak, from the IAF and it will capture the vertical glideslope all the way down. It figures tod and bod and adjusts those as different waypoints are passed.

From what I am reading from @ScorpionFilm422 and @N6722C the GTN750 can only do the vertical navigation for me starting at the FAF. So I have to tell the AP what vertical speed I want from the IAF and IFs, etc. I can do that. Just want to verify that I have to be at the correct altitude at the FAF with GPS and APR set, which they are. And that will then capture the GS or is it GP.

I should clarify that when I did this I was in the Kodiak, so using the G1000 NXi rather than the 750. I’ll find time to re-fly that procedure this week.

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