Milviz C310R Official Thread

I’m happy to be able to share some work in progress previews of another aircraft close to my heart that Milviz are bringing to MSFS, the C310R:

The blank area in the center of the panel is a free zone for avionic stack. That’s all I can say at this stage! :sunglasses:


Beautiful, she was my favorite aircraft to fly when I was a young flying instructor.


nice. Thank you. Looking forward to this one. Didn’t buy the Seneca because this C310 looks sportier and will surely be superior (and the R version has a better rate of climb anyway :slight_smile: )


That looks incredible! Out of all of the 3rd party aircraft currently in development for MSFS, I’d say this is the one I am anticipating the most. I need a realistic light piston twin in my sim! Hoping that the engine management will be much more realistic than the default aircraft as well.


Totally agree-am also looking forward to the 310R!

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Question is when? :slight_smile: This was announced more then a year ago. Been waiting since…

I also hope MilViz looks into how it works in VR. I have bought 2 third party planes (Just Flight Arrow and Carenado Seneca) and both work quite bad in VR compared to the stock ones. A lot of clickspot issues and for some reason blurry cockpits.

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You won’t have too much longer to wait. Hang in there. Testers are testing it now. The OP zkdos is one of them and a very valuable one.


You can count on much deeper engine and systems depth than default in this 310 simulation.


Excellent news! Very much looking forward to it.

What about the ATR 72 info?

I’m not working on the ATR project so not qualified to speak on any details about it.

So no default KAP140 AP then ?

Oh and can you open the storm window in flight without blowing up the aircraft ?

Can we open the window and survive? Let’s see now…

C310 Window Test

(Bear in mind this is a work in progress and not finished yet.)


Excellent. Thank you for that :slight_smile:

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Excellent, feel free to post more videos :grinning:

Really excited for this one, instant purchase.


Can’t wait for this one! If it’s anywhere near as good as the Porter, it will be a treat!


It will be better… Flagship products usually are.


Didn’t know it’s a “flagship product” :wink: DON’T GET ALL FANCY ON ME, Colin!

P.S… No, but seriously… That PC-6… I flew it from Canada to Antarctica. In separate flights, that is. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. Ha!

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Very excited for this release, the sim is in need of a powerful and highly detailed piston twin, definitely will be my go to aircraft if the PC-6 is anything to go off.

Any hints on a release date???

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It’s in the hands of testers now but not quite feature-complete and we can’t call it beta until it is. No major hurdles remain, just a process of installing the last pieces then working through bugs and identifying little details we missed and need to include. When everything’s there and we can’t find any more bugs, we’ll release it.

I can’t say when that will be. It looks to be a matter of weeks not months at this point, unless something unexpected pops up. But we’re not rushing this out to meet a deadline, it’s ready when it’s ready.