Can't display TSD GTNXi on second screen

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First let me say that the Milviz 310 R is a dream come true for me. I am a 74-year-old retired avionics tech that taxied and flue in nearly every 310 Cessna manufactured between 1973 and 1979. Cessna’s test pilots took a parachute on every bird’s first flight and a sparky on every second. That was usually me.
But there is a problem! I purchased the TDS GTNXi 750 and want to display it on a separate monitor and can do that in the TDS program before it connects to MSFS but after it connects, I get a “TDS GTNXi is in Gauge Mode” message when I click on AVIONICS mode in the TDS program. Help-did I mention my brain is 74 years old?

It is my understanding that you cannot have it pop-ed out that way in a plane that supports full integration into the VC cockpit of the TDS GTNXi 750.
MSFS however supports undocking the PFD/MFD/GTNXi 750. Just hover over the TDS GTNi750 panel with your mouse, keep right-ALTGR pressed down (Your mouse pointer changes shape then) and left click on the panel. This should undock the panel and then you can drag it to a seperate monitor.
I do not own the Milviz C310, but tried this in the JF Piper (TDS750 panel fully integrated). It works. Make shure that RIGHT ALT key (or any) is bound to ‘New UI Window Mode’

I use the TDS in standalone mode on a separate (touch) monitor.

First you need to remove the TDS plugin folder from your Community folder so that the sim doesn’t start it in gauge mode.

If you don’t want MSFS to fire up the TDS app, you can edit your exe.xml file to remove the TDS GTN entry so the sim doesn’t automatically start it, but it’s not necessary. I do, but I just don’t want extra software running if I don’t plan on flying a plane with the TDS.

Next, I start up the TDS software BEFORE firing up the sim.

And this works fine. However, you end up with back screens in your virtual cockpit since you don’t have the TDS in gauge mode. To get around this, I use the PMS50 GTN in the cockpit to make the screens functiona, but use the TDS externally to control the plane. I’ll use the PMS version in the VC to monitor traffic, weather, etc to at least make it somewhat useful.

I do this in every plane that supports both the PMS50 and TDS GTN units, and it works without issue.


Thanks that did it! You made an old sparky very happy.

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Glad to be of assistance. Enjoy!

+1 for @Crunchmeister71

Thanks for posting this! (on less thing for you to help me with on Discord) :wink:

quick questions. Recently acquired TDS and having a blast with it.
I noticed today on the Milviz that my first display where i enter the flighplan is not showing on the second display MAP/FLP. anything im doing wrong here?

also, tried this but i get a black screen pop up

The external units are not linked / in sync for something’s. Flight plan being one of them.

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Going to try this! I thought was simply use ALTGR and pop up a screen…
i only get black screen or the smaller version on a ■■■■ resolution.

would be much better and simple if you could pop up the same screen you see in the airplane to an external screen with high res

Another option for those using the unit on a separate screen, might be to run a lower res copy within the cockpit whilst you play tunes on the main standalone or touchscreen monitor.

Hello. Did someone already tried to use the TDS GTNxi in windows mode on a separate (touche) device such as a tablet ? You can use for example a tool like SpaceDesk to get an extra display or additional desktop and you can mode any windowed app on to it. So you can drag/drop the TDS GTNxi window over there and use is as it would be a real GPS device. I’ve tried it already with PMS50 but the problem is that the “touch” action is not captured by MSFS. So when you click on a button of the GTN nothing happens.