Poll Time: Please no more than 5 things you want the sim fixed this year in 2022. Just 5

What are your top 4 to 5 things that you deem must be addressed or fixed or implemented (keep positive please)

I will tally these up, do averaging and see what the major pain points are from us, the customer. Get your other sim friends to take this poll, too, please.

I will try to share our results and/or hope MS/Asobo sees this thread.

  1. We need better and more complex airliners. Whether that’s Asobo getting their SDK to a more mature level, or 3rd parties pushing back date after date after date (some even vanish, looking at you Steve, from SLC Cargo)
  2. Fix the colors in the sim, especially the difference from the pilot window to the drone external video. For those with HDR monitors, WHEN DONE PROPERLY, it should make the sim amazing and more realiistic. Instead we get “storm clouds” that look like volcanic ash:

EASY SOLUTION FOR CLOUDS – let us calibrate our HDR screens with proper test questons that are easily inserted into almost every TRIPLE A game.

  1. Desperately waiting on Asobo promise to us who purchased the premier tier package of MSFS to give us the premium planes like Boeing 787 and 747 airlines. They look beauitiful, but can’t fly a ■■■■ - nothing has been improved on them for at least 2 years AND Jorg even said on a dev call that "wow, ok, I get it now. You’re not asking us to make the premium tier open to everyone; you’re just asking if some mods can work on the files, like FBW does to your A320. Currently, all the files are encrypted and they mentioned they were going to look into that a while ago.

4, Once HDR calibrations, screen calibrations, get solved, the sim will be hands down the prettiest sim ever. So my only other real wish is please focus THIS year on fixing all the bugs that are in the top 15 bug report week after week.

#2 - CLOUDS - GOT IMPROVED in Sim Update 10: clouds are WAY, WAY better now.**


OK, who is next? What are UP TO 5 things you want the sim to work on first or are fixes or features that need to be in the sim NOW.

  1. Fix the performance drop when glass cockpits or game panels are undocked / popped out. Assuming nothing else gets broken, proper DX12 should fix this, so this one is realistic for 2022.

  2. Adding actual working touch support for said popouts (imagine being able to operate a G3000 or GTN750 with an ACTUAL physical touch screen vs a mouse)

  3. Fix weather (yeah, that’s a big one)

  4. Fix everything with AI from traffic naviation to ATC.

I think 4 is enough, 3 and 4 are pretty big orders. lol


I’d still like to see the “Premium” aircraft tweaked to be Premium.

  1. helicopter pads (active to set up a flight in), ground and building
  2. correct AI flight plans and altitudes.
  3. update that Bing photogrammetry
  4. palm trees instead of monoliths
  5. ease up on snow in areas that are frozen but have no snow.

My 5 (count wx 2x) are the same as Crunch’s.


All I want for Christmas is no more white dot on PC

Never mind. I forfeit my only wish.

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1.I really want to see the ground handling of the aircraft more improved or overhauled. Preferably overhauled to make it feel more like their real counterpart than what we have right now.
2.Obviously some more performance stability improvements.
3. A good native debugger for 3rd party devs. I have seen many devs say it is kind of hard to see where there might be issues regarding performance or CTD due to the lack of debugging tools making them slow down their production.
4.Also to open up and give developers proper API for allowing them to have software running outside the sim such as external flight models, giving them access to the weather and terrain system and such, enough to give them much freedom to create what they need. It seems sinconnect and WASM truly caps the devs.
5. General improvements to ATC with much better handling of aircrafts on when to climb, descend, add the ability to vector, and remove the whole ground services away from ATC. I should not have to contact ATC to get a jet bridge connected or to have to tell them I want my tug to steer me to the left or right.

  1. Fix the stutters in VR
  2. Fix ATC so it is actually usable instead of an annoyance
  3. Fix the stutters in VR
  4. Fix GPS navigation so it doesn’t backtrack when activating an approach
  5. Fix the stutters in VR
  1. Clean up airport issues. Missing/wrong runways, incorrect nav aid data/frequencies, visible and invisible terrain issues causing crashes. I know there are Zendesk reports for all of these, so a clean up of all these easily reproduceable and mostly straight-forward bugs would be great.

  2. Once and for all finding and squashing the FPS drop during longer flights.

  3. Fix ATC. This has many components and each could be their own line item. ATC voices going missing during flight, ATC giving late descent instructions, ATC going schizophrenic and issuing back to back to back climb/descent/climb/descend orders, non-stop “expedite” commands to planes at the “wrong” altitude, assigning runways that should not be in use based on weather or current departing/landing traffic.

  4. Add vectors to ATC commands, allowing ATC to vector you out of or into airports based on active runways. Currently when you reach a vector in your flight plan, it’s up to you to vector yourself to an approach.

  5. Photogrammetry too melt-y :slight_smile:


I’ll list three that affect me on (nearly) every flight:

  1. Ground handling improvement. The transition from flight to ground rollout is flawed.
  2. Wind socks, ATIS, and ATC (Tower) agree on wind direction. Assign proper runway.
  3. Populate the world with broadcast towers so ADF-equipped aircraft work correctly.

Okay, I’ll bite. But no need to send my results to the devs. :slight_smile:

  1. Give the W key back that we had in older versions of MSFS. As someone who has invested more than the cost of a PPL into a home cockpit panel, it’s a real drag to have to see the aircraft on-screen behind my own panel.

  2. Create a robust ATC system that reflects phraseologies and procedures from around the world. I’ll take this extra bonus in 2023: ATC that uses the complete capabilities of Azure to generate regional accents all around the world.

  3. Accurate and complete taxiway signage for all airports that the team has information for.

  4. Accurate modeling of air across all surfaces on planes. (Sounds like we may be getting some of this.) I’d really like to stop applying left rudder on takeoff and having a slight movement on my trim wheel translate to a 1000 fpm change in pitch attitude.

  5. 100% of all FlightAware traffic represented in the sim, including (and especially) GA traffic. Liveries take a lower priority to me to simply seeing aircraft departing from class D airports and uncontrolled fields. If framerates are the thing keeping this from happening, nav lights can be toned down considerably: I don’t need to see nav lights from more than a few nm away, I don’t need to see them bloomed out, and I don’t need to see them from behind.

  1. Please work on the ATC system. I use it, but the percentage of calls I answer and then just ignore is fairly high. Quite often, ATC will have me descend to altitude to start the approach (often like 60nm+ out in a C208), only to tell me to climb back to cruise altitude while nearing the IAF. They’ve also tried to kill us by vectoring us into terrain. …oh, and let’s say I’m assigned runway 5 to land, but I really want runway 23 because the winds changed? I punch the ATC buttons to request a new runway, and without fail, they give it to me, followed by “circle to land” at the original runway.

  2. PLEASE allow us to enter in flight plans manually on the “World Screen.” I’ll spend time in SimBrief plotting out a route, save the flight plan, open it in MSFS and it’s got high altitude airways instead of the low that I want / need, and it always chucks me on the runway. If I want to select the correct airways, MSFS automatically re-calculates my route.

  3. Could we please either get rid of or change the white square with the windsock, wind direction, and speed from that same in-sim flight planning screen? It probably doesn’t have to go, but it would be nice if it reflected the last METAR and didn’t sit right on top of the airport. When zooming in to set a parking space to depart from, I often have to zoom much further than I think I have to in order to get the square size small enough it doesn’t block the majority of the spots.

  4. Some sort of in-sim chat system. I’m pretty sure it was a deliberate move to cut down on trolls and abusive behavior, but if the same draconian word filter from the forums was applied, that probably would cut out most of it.

  5. Um. You guys want a hug? It’s free! :slight_smile:

Even with all the gnashing of teeth at any (even minor) change to the sim, I really am having a great time. With all the bells and whistles turned up, MSFS is absolutely gorgeous. There’s a good chunk of my SSD filled with just screenshots of sunrises and sunsets! Thank you for all your efforts to date.

  1. Ground feel and transition from ground to air.

  2. Weather, cloud, turbulence improvements.

  3. Flight model. Optimistic this is being addressed.

  4. ATC and map improvements.

  5. General CPU optimizations.


Almost every complaint on this thread could and would be addressed by third parties if MS/Asobo would just provide the necessary APIs and development tools to let the community make the sim as good as it could be.

  1. Open up the simulator for development. Meaning all information that the simulator has access to should be publicly available in real time. All file formats should be documented.
  2. Allow add-ons to be developed as dlls. WASM totally sucks and it makes development painful. Forcibly limiting add-on developers and their customers to the X-Box lowest common denominator by requiring them to embrace a cross-platform story that isn’t necessarily interesting and as of today doesn’t even work is not customer focused.
  3. Give 3rd party developers the ability to completely customize the flight model. The community is vastly more knowledgeable than Asobo and it is immensely frustrating that we are unable to take full advantage of this.
  4. Ditch SimConnect and implement a modern, high-performance API for interacting with the simulator. Included in that should be exception handling and state saving. It should be possible for add-ons to trap exceptions, completely save state, and then restore the flight on reboot.

Add support for force feedback joysticks, yokes, and pedals.


Stealing a few things from a previous poster.

  1. Weather, cloud, turbulence improvements.
  2. Ground feel and transition from ground to air.
  3. Flight model. Optimistic this is being addressed.
  4. Unlock aircraft so mods can be made!
  5. General CPU optimizations.
  • Fix the ATC
  • Fix the AI behaviour
  • Bring the historical weather
  • Fix the issues with the default a/c
  • Give us possibility for turn arounds without shutting down the flight
  • fix CTDs on Xbox with 3rd pty airports
  • fix CTDs on content manager updates on XB
  • fix CTDs in general
  • fix performance issues after long flights
  • fix the approach flyback bug

I don’t see this helping much. We all did one of these a while back and nothing really came of any of it. We’ve seen no love for cockpit builders so let’s have some.

  1. Save state and position of popped out instruments on a per aircraft basis.
  2. Make popped out instruments work with touch screens.
  3. Provide sim connect access to all those currently off limits vars B, I , O etc.
  4. Fix the performance hit with popped out windows.
  5. Add a binding for nameplates toggle. Mugs mod doesn’t work for me else I’d use it.

I’m taking it as a given that multi monitor support is coming so didn’t include in my list.