Poll Time: Please no more than 5 things you want the sim fixed this year in 2022. Just 5

1 - The terribly annoying eye adaptation.
2 - The omnipresent, everywhere every time turbulence
3 - Ground handling
4 - Automatic control profile selection according to airplane
5 - Live weather depiction

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Yes this “eye adaptation” is ridiculous. The whole cockpit almost becoming a black hole when watching outside the windows…
I don´t remember ever seeing everything getting dark inside a car with the tachometer and the RPM-gauge almost becoming black and unreadable without a flashlight only because one is looking at the windshield during daytime :smiley:

The eye adaptation visuals in the virtual cockpit are really over the top, and not even looking very cinematic. I don´t really understand why this feature that is not looking good from a cinematic point of view plus also highly unrealistic, was implemented in the flight sim.

The ridiculous rendition of turbulence has removed the joy of flying light aircraft.

The turnaround GPS/FMC bug when assigned approach is entered.

The ATC needs work
Ninjetes ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod greatly improves the ATC but it is still limited due to lack of options and features. (ICAO - EU - UK ATC Phraseology Mod V3.0)

The weather needs work. It needs to reflect real conditions, even if this means coming into minimums and having to divert when the DH is reached. This is what we have instrumentation for, not to see the cloud base 1000 ’ in the air when it should be 300 '.

AI traffic could be improved by changing “generic” to an assigned tail number or other realistic call signs.

Placing a gigantic notification right on what you are “trying” to look at ie… instrumentation, airports, etc… This is why in the aircraft I have it turned off, but when creating flight plans it is right on the airport. Also turn filters on by default or have it more easily assessable, not every flight I make requires Sid’s or Stars, so the default flight planner is sufficient for my GA flights.

I would like to see a small visual update in generic buildings.

When flying low I have noticed that too many generic buildings are light grey with having a light-grey roof in the exact same colour as the walls.

Please make the roof texture dark, black, dark brown or what typical roofs look like instead of using the same wall texture for the roofs too which makes the generic buildings like some light grey cube.
With dark roofs all the flat-roof buildings like warehouses or malls look waaaaay better and more realistic.
Thanks :slight_smile:

(oh and the weather radar, a flight sim urgently needs a weather radar for third party study-level airplanes…).

ATC. Under investigation for a “short” 2 years. :angry:


The top 5 things I want to be fixed are…

  1. ATC Muting
  2. Caplization of Callsigns
  3. Constant Offline Errors
  4. Jetway Issues (jetway is broken up)
  5. The ability to go inside Terminals (can’t do that anymore :frowning: )
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  1. Traffic
  2. ATC
  3. Open Doors for all default models
  4. No CTD
  5. Weather stations

Looks like this is FINALLY fixed in SU10. Doesn’t even need DX11. You take a minimal (<5 fps) hit for the first popout and that’s it. I can live with that!

EDIT: As of (2nd SU10 Beta) this is now broken again worse than ever. I may have to take back my comment above if they don’t fix this by release.

Seems like some of this is fixed in SU10. The clouds are back to looking like clouds again as they did pre-SU5, but without the grainy pixellation. We now have gusts, and ATIS reports wind speeds in the correct units. Weather isn’t fully fixed, but this is definitely a welcome start.


Here is my wishlist then:

1.) Key command to toggle POIs on and off
2.) Longer list of previously used airports in the free flight menu (currently only 3)
3.) A time lapse to the release date of the 40th anniversary update :rofl:

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You are here asking the space to a small IT agency.
Like I said in my other thread, hold your horses and be patient.
ATC is singlehandedly world in the world of aviation. With thousands procedures, humans skills, constraints, and is fully linked with airports/en route procedures that are another aviation’s world.
Do you have any idea about how to compile these worlds in a few lines of code within “short years” ? If yes then quickly apply for a job at Asobo.

I guess that the author’s topic wants to go in reasonable wishes. For me this one is not.

The same for those who ask for real traffic…
If they want all the REAL aviation world right now in this game they should get a REAL subscription in a REAL pilot school in the REAL world !

Progress on VR in all areas, old bugs fixed, regression issues sorted and new features added. VR has remained incredibly stagnant since December 2020 with its first release, it’s time to improve and move forward.

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Yessss because NOTHING beats VR flying! :slight_smile:

Here is a secret bug that is still not fixed.......

The Fenix urgently needs her weather radar to truly rise above.

Damage modelling. I am trying to commit suicide but cant. Just did a mach 1.5 Carrier landing.

I have hit the ground at mach 2.2 and bounced back up.

Just knowing that nothing I do have consequences make the flying less immersive like playing a video game.

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Ability to save/load flights games!

Fix it so that the game doesn’t crash 5 minutes into every flight.

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  • Tree variety, size & quantity.
  • UK photogrammetry. London, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford & Nottingham need replacing & expanding using a far better source then the currently used versions & UK needs more in general.
  • Live Traffic missing so many flights of highly used real world aircraft that aren’t in sim.
  • Reflections that wipe at screen edges, around the aircraft, bridges etc. You can never unsee it.
  • Improve many POI’s (mainly early done one’s). Many in the UK for example have fluorescent green grass that looks terrible (Windsor Castle, football pitches etc) & if you land on the grass at them in a Helicopter, you just go through them.

Save/load Flights

  • Color and brightness control in the sim - for both world scenery and separately for cockpit. For instance you like to make the scenery appear less blue and make the cockpit more darker etc.
  • Revise the ground handling / friction - so that aircraft are controllable like real life when landing
  • A slider to adjust Bloom - often times the light at midday is blinding. Need a slider for Bloom brightness.
  • Better localization for tree types and grass types depending on where you are in the world.
  • Weather / animation effects - for instance leaves fall off some trees in winter. They blow across the ground. Snow blows across the runway in strong winds. Water evaporates in sun etc.
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the Fenix A320 cockpit / interior patched to absolute perfection

a Fenix A320 variant / version with the IAE V2500 turbines

the Fenix A320 as P2F freighter version selectable (can also be an A321 P2F - there is no difference anyway except the hull being a little bit longer)

weather radar

superb cloud enhancements, more cloud variety, cloud visuals enhanced to the max