[Polls] Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 Discussion

On PC, i can’t even download, tried starting then all of a sudden ALL items that were in community folder disappeared. Trying to download but my guess is servers are busy as heck

Stellar update Asobo! Nice and easy to download and install. Updates to some Reno content in the Content Manager and away we go.

Some great content and enhancements in here.

Great work.


Yes please for the sake of sanity. Fix the broken DLSS. How did this not get caught in the beta? We get this literal game changing setting and then its taken away. Please, please, pretty please, fix the ------- DLSS

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Oh Yes excellent

What a wonderful update, big applause to WT, it’s their enthusiasm that made them part of the MS team and now everything is getting better and better!

Question, I’m a bit confused with the pms50-gns530 mod by pimarc. Is it now redundant?

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Please send me a RTX 4090, I promise I will test DLSS3 next time :wink:

Other than that DLSS(2) works just as good or bad as on SU11 for me.

You could try to go for a newer DLSS version as written here:
DLSS 2.5.1 in Flight Sim? maybe this improves performance.

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using AI control (I don’t have a joystick to actually fly nor do I plan on getting one), after removing everything from the community folder, the longitude would just casually stroll down the runway and not reach the speed to take off. hopefully this will be fixed by SU12 if not sooner

Middle package owner here, so the only stock plane with the G3000 on my system is the TBM. I just got done with a short hop to test it, and I’m quite happy. But my biggest shock regarding this plane was (drum roll please) WORKING DOORS!!! :partying_face: Hopefully, this will become a trend in the near future and door/window animations in other models will be unlocked (pun intended).

Next to be tested will be the Vision Jet (already caught the update in the Content Manager).

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Avionics upgrades are great but mpw I am unable to exit a flight, get stuck at infinate loading screen after ending flight

Tried the update on Xbox Series X, in New York the buildings doesn’t load correctly ( i have photogrammetry and all the other stuff on) even after spend sometimes flying over the city the result is the same.
Another thing, after the update i found that the rolling cache was turned off by defalut, is it normal? Maybe the rolling cache was causing some issues and that’s why it is off after the update?

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Constant CTD. Cache reset, multiple reboots, no add ons. Worked fine for a total of 12 h in the last days before this update. Now constant CTD crashes. EU and NA maps. Flying in VR with motion rig, super annoyed about these mandatory updates eating my little available spare time with trying to troubleshoot issues that were not there yesterday. Everything was working fine until update today.

Update: just circled around Las Vegas in stock 172, all fine until I clicked the weather icon which causes it to CTD. It’s not just Las Vegas since I did Milano before and other locations in US. All CTD.

I miss the good old times where manufacturers don’t mess with your working systems because they feel the need to install updates. Yes, they fix things, but often they break just as many things as they fix. Back to work tomorrow hoping that MS didn’t also break work machines with a botched Windows or Server update once again… <\rant>

Completed the 4 hour flight to KAUS, no issues start to finish.

As I stated above earlier during cruise, performance was exactly the same as before.

So far so good, aside from my landing!!!

Not sure if this is related to the new update, but I flew an IFR flight tonight in the TBM 930, and all of the waypoints had altitudes entered at the beginning of the flight. I turned VNAV on on the MFD. As the flight progressed, ATC issued multiple step-ups in altitude, and then multiple step-downs as the flight progressed. In all of the step-ups and step-downs, the assigned altitudes for the waypoints in the flight plan changed accordingly.

My question is ( keep in mind I’m still learning!), if one follows ATC altitude instructions, then VNAV is irrelevant? If I ignore ATC, can I expect VNAV to create a TOD somewhere on the flight path, and then I click VNV on the autopilot panel, and the system will step me down automatically? It seems, at first glance, that ATC and VNAV are essentially in conflict.

Any experts, feel free to chime in!


Plenty of people beta tested the Longitude and it worked perfectly. If you’re seeing a problem it’s almost certainly an issue with your install.

Why not try debugging it instead of just assuming it’s a bug that will be fixed in a future update?

On the other hand, maybe it’s best that you just wait and see.


I think it’s an AI control thing that people like me has been complaining about since the release of the sim, not a Longitude thing…unless they tested the AI control mobility in the beta

Well I’m noticing extreme issues now immediately after the update. I just started to try a flight with the Airbus A310 and we are still having Runway tear issues where I am hitting a photogrammetry error in the runways and taxiways which launches my plane into the sky this has been going on for years and clearly has not been fixed yet. but besides that once I am finally in the air after using slew mode, the second I hit flaps up to zero degrees it shoots the nose up to ■■■■ near 90° nose up attitude and makes my plane fall out of the sky not sure what’s going on never seen this happen before literally my first flight after the update…not impressed

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On the TBM 930. The 500ft and Minimums callout is still missing which is documented on this post since Sept 2020.

Also missing is the “Aural Warning Ok” when pressing the Master Warning button

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@ Zeke12587

Still missing???

I had callout in TBM till yesterday Update but volume of all sounds were very low. After yesterday Update the callout isn’t in sim with TBM, I’ve asked this already but really don’t know where the problem is, I can’t compare to real aircraft. Maybe real documentation or Youtube videos in this case…

Now I remember also from yesterday Update test that callout with destination altitude reach is also lower than in previous sim version.

Important to sim cfg: from day1 I need to have 100% higher volume set on my TV with MSFS, no other applications problem, only with sim. As I recommended to devs many times, half volume settings (50%) inside sim need to be generally as standard volume with OS (100%). Then I don’t need add volume to my TV/Monitor but inside sim only to have good sound volumes with engine, avionic,…

Unfortunately, those of us in the beta tend (yes, there are exceptions) to be more advanced in our usage pattern. Using the AI to fly the aircraft for us, is probably not why we’re into flying a sim.

I’d encourage you to enroll in the next beta, so you can test this functionality out for yourself and, hopefully, get some attention from the developers should issue arise.


I will try again but as of an hour ago i can only hear the alt to go sounds… i have already edited the panel.xml but it doesnt work anymore :frowning: