[Polls] Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 Discussion

Nice. Just too bad LOWW by Gaya was a complete waste of €25… It always goes wrong when you’re about to take-off. Spending 20 minutes on the ground, doing all the pre flight checks etc no problem. Taxiing no problem. But just before the actual take-off, bam CTD.

I suspect too much high level scenery must be loaded into the memory at once, causing it to crash?


Everything looks better. But tcas still not working on stock A320 or lvfr series. Annoying!!

yess that’s a mess… as you’re saying 25 Euros lost it hurts…

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I’m on windows 11. So your frame generation and vsync is working absolutely fine?

Hi there,

Could someone please show me a comparison on what was done? I am not sure I have received any of the updates despite downloading the latest of everything. I have a version update log in my MSFS, but I don’t see any difference.

Apparently there was weather added to the GPS systems? I don’t see anything. My avionics etc still looks blurry / over saturated… has that changed? If it’s a technical update (within the FMS), then no problem. I was wondering whether there was a visual update.

I looked for any avionics installs in my community folder and there were none, so no need to delete anything there.

It may just be Friday and I am being daft :see_no_evil:

Hello @KnarlyVaalie,

The release notes for AAU1 are here:


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Thank you!

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general feedback on AAU1 – it downloaded, installed , and seems to run fine. I’ve flown the C172 (which I always fly and have been flying with the WT GNS430/530 MP mod) and it seems the same as before the update at first glance on my short flight and today I flew the CJ4 for a bit and I will fly it more.
Haven’t tried anything else yet but everything appears fine. The only odd thing was a CTD that I experienced while updating an addon airport in content manager but I restarted the sim and all seemed OK .

Xbox here, AAU1 has been really great for me - from last May until the final release of AAU1, I could count on 1 hand the number of flights that had no bugs to solve.

In the past few days, I’ve lost count of good flights - they have all been smooth, the avionics have worked, and I could enjoy the view without stutters, crashes, etc. Really great flying.

However … ATC is consistently trying to kill me - always on arrival and approach. Specifically it won’t allow me to descend according to the altitude restrictions that are part of the STAR, and on approach it ALWAYS does 2 things:

  1. It clears me for landing, then at the last minute ALWAYS says “Go Around”
  2. I Go Around, it clears me for landing, then tells me to go to some FL way up, then has jumbo jets fly right through my tail on landing. 100% repeatable.

I want the immersion of ATC, but it still just doesn’t work. I do everything to try to make it work - creating flight plan in the World Map, then making sure it is the same in the FMC, and so on.

I think ATC should be the next “Sim” function Asobo / MS should focus on. New planes are great, scenery is great, but the current ATC is breaking immersion unless you completely turn it off.


Night city light was a lot brighter and sharper during the first day of releasing AAU 1. Can servers be responsible for degrading night lights?

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Can I please ask if HDR is not working as intended on Xbox series X? I just got my first HDR TV ever and I’m disappointed when I use HDR 10 with flight simulator.

Turning it off almost always makes the sky look more natural. Which is otherwise really washed out and overly bright.

just leave it and fly only with your monitoring system .

download pdf charts as i did for all my 80 airports addons and follow them in parallel of you fms because mistakes occure specially on final approach altitude

Probably the moon. Should be back 28 days later.

These are all the Working Title addons I have installed. What exactly do I need to delete now?

Nice livery!

Good question. I don’t think you should delete any of them, but better to wait for a response of the WT guys over here.

I honestly don’t notice ANY difference in flight handling of default aircraft from this update. What I DO notice is the CTDs, the fact that certain Payware Aircraft now won’t load and CTD on launch, and that other Payware aircraft now nosedive into the floor no matter what elevon or trim settings you use, or how you try and wrestle the aircraft into the air. Honestly, please make updates voluntary. There’s no competitive aspect, nothing needs to be mandatory. I want my stability back and 0 CTDs back. Allow rollback! It’s bad enough that SU11 tanked the fps, with no fix, but now this. It just goes from bad to worse.

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Since this is an AAU1 discussion, I found a bit of a FPS loss on my system after the update, and some more short pauses than before, mainly happening during short finals, maybe due to a more complex instrument systems simulation.
I’m sure they (Asobo and WT) are taking note on the above, also mentioned by several other users.
Apart of that, making the needed changes to the 3D models to include door animations in the upcoming AAUs and in any future CJ4 and Longitude AAU1 update, in my opinion, would be a good addition to make them more realistic and complete.

I’m really enjoying the update.

I am getting CTD (Xbox SX) during every flight with the Cessna Citation at the moment.

I did turn on the data cache (set to 16GB) function after the update - I was hoping that the huge improvements in graphics would take advantage of locally stored data but I have now disabled it to see if this helps (it has in previous versions of MSFS).

Yes…no issues so far. I am currently running through all my aircraft in hangar and will update.