[Polls] World Update XIII: Oceania Discussion

So far really pleased with the updates for Hawaii. Maui looks great! On to the big island next.

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I’m assuming you went into the Marketplace and downloaded and installed the new WU from there??

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Yes, I got this error too. However, i went back one screen, clicked on it again and the download was available.

For me on Xbox the marketplace is unavailable and MSFS says it’s offline (Xbox Live all services working), also had the infamous license error issue immediately after installing the newest update.

Desaster update here again.

Thank you, Microsoft, for this World Update. Papua had been a long-awaited area. Looking forward to exploring it all over again.

It would have been really, really nice, though, to include Tioman Island airport in Pahang, Malaysia, as a Star Airport and landing challenge.

Please do consider and include in the next patch.

Thank you.

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Where should I fly from to see the new points of interest, the photogrammetry?


watermask bug in NCAI airport (community folder is empty)

I voted on the “new photogrammetry and POIs” question, but it was solely based on the POI’s (which are generally excellent). But it’s hard to tell what areas are “photogammetry”, since there aren’t any cities listed as new photogammetry areas in the release notes. Are just the POI’s considered photogammetry in this update or are there other areas we should be checking out?

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Last I heard Jorg was struggling to find any appropriate photogrammetry for Oceania. He couldn’t even track down any for Hawaii.

Perhaps they just gave up in the end.


POI’s are scattered across various islands in the pacific. Photogrammetry seems to be unknown at this point.

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Is there any clarification over how much of Indonesia is included in the update?

Pin says “Vaihi Waterfalls”
But there is only forest …


Ah right, all good then :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply! It would be nice to know where the photogrammetric cities and areas are located. I need a list.

I can tell you the photogrammetry isn’t in Hawaii. The Islands look incredible, except for that. Lots of nice bespoke landmark buildings, but the generic hotels, etc. really detract from the overall effect.

Super-disappointed not to see at least Honolulu and the three larger areas of Maui.

Not be a downer, impressed overall. But Hawaii really needed photogrammetry to complement the beautiful landscape.


If I remember right, this coast street looked a tiny little bit more beautiful in Crysis

OK, this was a bit unfair, Crysis is a ego-shooter, released in 2007 and remastered in 2020.

So not only is there the massive hole in the mountain in Bora Bora but half of the Islands water mask has baked in chop that looks terrible.


All of that existed before the update - which brings up the question of why the updates don’t include fixes to this type of stuff as well. When the water masks are only wave imagery they should be removed. The water in Pearl Harbor looks like a solid object. The bora bora hole issue needs fixing for sure. It ruins the experience.


Hi, it’s actually part of the world update, itself. After you’ve downloaded the world update, you can either click on the Content Manager link in the Marketplace listing:

or just search for it in Content Manager. Then, hover your cursor over the listing for the world update and click on the blue bar on the right-hand side:

You’ll notice that the list icon at the top of the page goes from this:


to this:


The world update is a bundle. You can install (or uninstall) as much as you would like. If you scroll down, you can install it here:

Or install whatever you want!


Is there any advantage on keeping Sofly’s Easter Island SCIP scenery now that Microsoft/Asobo have released an equivalent with World Update XIII? :thinking: