Poor performance on the ground

@Hester40MT Thanks to @propilot23k suggestion I also tested removing the GOTY 3D photogrammetry objects. In my previous testing when I mentioned USA it actually meant USA + GOTY. Removing GOTY 3D photogrammetry objects gave me a 7 FPS extra boost on the ground. I also have to add that stutters are noticeable when panning the view specially looking at the airport. This last test was performed in the current beta build.

So my current content looks like this for maximum performance in the USA:

Only removing GOTY 3D Photogrammetry in my system is not enough to bring me the dramatic performance boost. I get 26 FPS with all WUs installed minus GOTY 3D Photogrammetry objects.

@PunchDkns99 @Crunchmeister71 @Pascalm207 You guys may want to look into removing GOTY 3D photogrammetry objects for even further FPS gains on the ground.


per chance, does this eliminate the performance drop when flying longer flights? I just uninstalled those same 5 packages and heading up now for a flight — will report back

My guess is that is is a completely different issue but you never know. Let us know what you find out.

no dice unfortunately - tried 2 flights (PHL-ATL and BOS-PHL). Silky smooth until the main thread just gets hammered on approach and GPU usage drops

I think so too. My problem is the problem of the original poster. The problem that goes away when you do a new windows installation. That means it has to be related to configuration, drivers, conflicting sotware.
I checked my .Net packages. Unistalled them and reinstalled. Also the newer ones (6.0) Asobo probably uses them. Maybe something for them to look into. (.dll hell not gone then???)
Did not solve the problem unfortunately.

So, your GPU usage is dropping because your CPU is getting hammered.

In addition to deleting the WUs that cause the reduced performance on the ground, I would still very highly recommend reducing traffic and LOD settings, and increasing graphics quality and render scale settings to see if your CPU latency improves.

My procedure for doing this in a logical, measurable way is in this thread. It’s a lot to read, but worth the time:

Once your CPU has some breathing room, it will be able to feed your GPU again, and your GPU utilization will increase.

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I have. The game works 100% fine when loading in, taxi, take off, cruise. It craps out on approach and landing. This wasn’t a problem pre SU7. Every “fix” proposed on here does nothing. I’m currently doing a clean reinstall of M$F$ now and curious if that does anything. I refuse to reinstall Windows for a piece of software to work.

A clean install of the game didn’t help me, only a clean Win install, and I haven’t had any problems since then.

Reporting back:
Removing WU photogrammetry cities for UK, France/Benelux, Germany, and GOTY gains me ~ 5 FPS, going from 36 FPS with WU photogrammetry to 41 FPS without WU photogrammetry. I never installed the Japan WU.
My setup:
i7 10700k @ 3.8 ghz
32MB ram
RTX 3070

Test Scenario:
Clear weather preset
200 Terrain LOD

So not the dramatic performance increase others experienced but an increase nevertheless. I didn’t thoroughly test, but I suspect increasing Terrain LOD futher would increase the performance delta between WU photogrammetry cities ON and OFF.


Yeah I’m beginning to suspect the Capture One bug (or similar) is affecting some users and fresh reinstalling Windows may break some of the hooks that unsupported dll’s are using. The problem is that I don’t expect this fix to last any longer than the next time those broken apps are fired up.

The only programs installed on my PC are MFSF, Spotify, Navigraph (Simlink) and Chrome.

Yes but that probably hasn’t always been the case. And it’s no guarantee either because something as mundane as a website or app trying to open internet explorer is a possibility unless it is completely disabled on your PC (which sounds easier than it actually is). Of course Microsoft can easily address that particular example but notsomuch 3rd party stuff.

I built my PC only for MSFS last year and have not used it for anything else, I use a Mac for my daily use, and MSFS has worked flawlessly for me since I did the reinstallation in September, no performance issues at all, and I’m not the only one who solved the problem by reinstall of Windows that this thread was originally about, but now it has become a thread for all sorts of performance problems that have nothing to do with the origin at all.

Yes it works and will work until something happens to start it again. However it is also something that the devs will have to look at more closely IMO. SU5 revisions in garbage collection is how it started.

I’ll just add that this is probably more associated with access violation CTD’s than stutters but it could factor if say a cumbersome workaround is being used.

I was in contact with the Devs when this problem occurred, but they could not replicate the problem and were happy that I solved the problem with a reinstallation of Windows, which led them to assume that the problem was not their fault, and there we are still standing, and I unfortunately see no solution from Asobo in the future either, because for them the problem is solved.

They can’t replicate something that’s on your machine but they can certainly look at this problem from another angle. On another thread an actual coder says he’s given them specific information albeit for an Outlook plugin but it’s basically the same bug.

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You are right since increasing the Terrain LOD can cause you to be mainthread limited. In my case now I am able to enjoy the graphics of LOD 300 with good performance in GA aircraft and LOD 200 with airliners in the USA with photogrammetry on.

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Similarly, only GOTY 3D was removed. Performance returned to its previous level (60 fps during a 3-hour flight). That seems to be one of the solutions to the problem.

32 GB
LOD 200

For my machine Terrain LOD is the critical value to set correctly as it impacts the main thread heavily, seemingly more so than other variables. In non-complex settings (certainly not JFK!!!) I can run T-LOD at 400, whereas at JFK 200 maximum to retain stutter-free smooth performance. But I vsync at 30 frames which is a huge factor for connecting smooth to frame rate, vsync. I don’t have a GSYNC display so that is the best I can do. But for my hardware, 30 at JFK is fabulous, and even unlocked in the B787 HD I would be looking at barely maintaining 30.

You might go to the same place at JFK, open Dev Mode and view the frame counter, and adjust T-LOD until you see the MainThread at 20ms maximum. This gives you some head room to cope w/ variance. Of note, I’m using a 9900K@4.9Ghz all cores, 3080Ti.

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Have you tried VSYNC on, limit frames to 30? It does wonders for keeping stutter-free, and in a flight simulator you can get away with this quite well compared to games w/ very rapid motion. For example, I’m looking out the window now at clouds not far from me, at a GS of 500k, and in actuality the amount of lateral motion comes down to a couple of pixels per frame which is beyond my visual capability to discern on a 3440x1440 display, so it’s ultra smooth, as I say at 30 frames solidly synced. Not 20 frames, but 30.