Poor performance on the ground

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I have very poor performance on the ground, the game performs as a slide show no matter what graphic settings I choose, but as soon my wheels left the ground performance is great, even with all settings at Ultra, I have always had good performance since the game was released last year, I first thought something went wrong during the update, so I uninstalled the whole game from the computer, ie, everything, and reinstalled everything, I then tried again, but it was the same, completely unplayable as long as I am on the ground.
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I9 10900K 36meg 2080Ti

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I’m having terrible stuttering on the ground. It’s beyond stuttering it blurs the entire screen and freezes for a second. No CTD’s from this yet. It happens on any graphics setting including low. I always have run on high end and had nothing like this before.
My specs are:
-Micro-Star International Co. Ltd. MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON AC motherboard
-Intel Core i9 @ 3.60GHz unlocked so it’s hitting like normal processor loads nothing crazy. ~4.3 ghz
-64 GB Ram
-4095MB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
So I’m totally at a loss here. I’ve tried changing up the graphics settings, turning off motion blur or reducing it. No effect. I’ve tried the pre cache settings on low, med, high, and ultra, stll no effect. Something is terribly wrong lol.

Looks like your PC has a problem, what you typed came out as giant bold characters. Maybe you should fix that first.


Will the stuttering stop when you left the ground as for me? I have reinstalled the whole game, but it did not help, I am completely incomprehensible, I do not know what to do now, reinstall the whole computer?

I have no idea why that text came out in that point size. It was bigger then I refreshed and it got a little smaller.

I didn’t get the plane off the ground because I couldn’t stop the stuttering. Don’t bother reinstalling. This is their problem. The thing was working before and I didn’t change anything on my comp. Graphics driver is updated etc. Hopefully more people sound off about this.


OK, I hope you report it to Zendesk.


Same problem, allways worked like a charm with 60fps, now when i go outside camera and panning camera with mouse i got 1-4fps :joy::joy::joy: stuttering is very bad on the ground, and bad in the air too. Allways before this update fps was silky smoot, unplayable now. Problems stays even a min gfx settings. What a shame


Same, Ridiculous.

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Same here.
Average fps on the ground without panning the camera: ~50 fps.
When i start panning the camera: 7-14 fps.

Regardless of that new graphic setting.


I have the same problem, extreme stutters on the ground. As soon as the wheels leave the ground everything is super smooth and stutter free. Community folder is empty, everything was updated and the only add-ons I have are the CRJ-700 and WT NXI. The sim is completely unflyable in this state.


A reinstall of Windows and the game solved the problem for me, but I had a power outage while updating the patch, so probably a system file in Windows became corrupt for me, so I’m not sure that a reinstall will help others with the same problem , and it’s a pain to do as well.


This exactly the same issue for me.

I have had no problems at all up until this latest update. On the ground my GPU grinds to a halt and get 2 or 3 fps then just after take-off it will be butter smooth and I get 60-70 fps without any problems until I try and land.

RTX 3080
M.2 Drives

VR has also become unplayable because of tearing and very low fps. It was never like this before.

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I have the same problem.

I do not like that solution. Why reinstall windows?

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It was time for me to do it anyway, my old Win was a mess, and it solved my problem.

Good for you.

I am still having the same issue with FPS drops when panning the camera around the aircraft.

The same problem for me !
Always working like a charm until this WU6 !!!


The same for me! Work well in the sky but horrible on the ground.
I’ve never had this problem before…
WU6 is just catastrophic for me: Not playable like this !


Just reinstalling MSFS because i got loop problem with WU6 update in Steamversion, maybe files be corrupt.