Portable/Stable Mount for Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle

Hello all -

New simmer here. Got a new PC and the Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle combo. I have a serious installation/mounting issue, however. My current desk has a major hardware lip at the edge, which makes it impossible for the c-clamps to slide over the actual flat desktop. It hits the lip about half an inch in and wont slide any further. (Best description is the frame of the desk is close to the edge of the desktop, and interferes with the c-clamp).

I am left looking at sim cockpits or wheel stands. The wheel stands seem suitable for the Yoke only. I can’t find anything that would let me install Yoke and Throttle side by side beyond replacing my actual desk.

There are wonderful wheel/pedal stands, the LowriderPlus looks like a great under desk solution if I didnt have a lip getting in the way. The desktop HOTAS brackets don’t look large enough to accommodate. I do have a VKB Gladiator NXT side stick on the way, too.

Before I go furniture shopping, or start a DIY project, does anyone have any recommendations? I have done a lot of forum searching before signing up to ask this question, and I hope to be a contributor to this community for a long time to come.

My backup plan is to get a butcher block to overlay my desktop and have it overhang the edges so I can connect the c-clamps.

Thank you very much.

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A friend of mine had the same problem as you. He bought a couple of flat pieces of iron that matched the dimensions of the metal clamp (width, depth), cut holes in them to match the alignment on the holes in the yoke, cut some recessed holes in the bottom of a board, lined everything up and screwed them down. Works great. No overhang and on large clamp to get in the way.

Any chance at getting an image? Trying to visualize it…Thanks!

I you didn’t mention if you have ruled out using the sticky-plates on the bottom of the mounting bases?
They should be efficient enough to keep everything in place.

I have my sim gear mounted to a Next Level Racing Flight Stand. I bought a 36x10" melamine shelf that I’ve attached to the top so I have a table top. I have Logitech Switch Panel, Multi-Panel, throttle quadrant and pedals along with a Honeycomb Alpha yoke. It all fits nicely on it. The shelf allows me to attach my USB hub, power supply, USB to HDMI adapter, etc to my rig. When I need to move it away from my desk so I can use my computer for other stuff, all it takes is disconnecting the USB cable from my hub and the power cord from the hub’s power brick.

EDIT: It’s hard to tell, but there are (included with the stand) small shelves on ether side of the stand for HOTAS throttle and stick. I have my Logitech throttle attached to one. The other one I use to hold my wireless keyboard I use while in the sim, since I can’t reach my normal desktop keyboard that’s behind the cockpit setup.


Sorry, should’ve been more clear in OP.

I do not want to use the suction mounts as I’m all but certain after a few hours of testing that it will ruin the finish on my desk at some point, and my desk is built in. I have considered putting a piece of plastic sheeting over the desk, but then that piece can shift on me.

I have also read that the throttle quadrant’s suction is not as good as the Yoke, but that’s not something I can confirm.

This looks like something I can get behind, but the image is a bit cluttered.

Seeing as the honeycomb plate is approx 12x12”, can you comment if your yoke is overhanging the shelf? If so, did you secure it further? The Honeycomb uses the adjustable screw legs in the rear to level and lock the Honeycomb in place, so if this overhangs, I’m curious as to the result.

This is one option I am exploring, and I’m excited that someone else has a similar setup already. If you have any photos of the mount with instruments separate that’s be super helpful. Thanks!

There’s no overhang at all at the rear. In fact, there’s extra space there and that’s where my USB hub is mounted. On the stand, there’s a metal “shelf” that a yoke would normally attach to.

I’m at work atm, but I can take a few more shots of the messy rear view of it this evening when I get home. It’s still a work in progress and I haven’t yet finalized my layout.

EDIT: Just a correction, it’s a 12 x 36 shelf I have attached to it, not 10 x 36. This is what I’m using.


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Thanks so much! It would be greatly appreciated if you could share some more images of your setup.

I’ve been considering getting a small console table (something like 48x30x12) and just using that, but unless I weigh it down quit a bit, it’ll be unstable. That’s why I’m attracted to the racing frames.

Your solution may be just what I’m looking for - thanks for the help!

I just re-measured the plate and it is about 8.5x8.5”.

The dimensions provided by honeycomb are widest point of the unit dimensions. Apologies.

Possibly some day I’ll set up a permanent cockpit with a separate computer and then I won’t need all this moveable stuff. In the meantime, I need a setup that’s as easy as possible to disconnect and move out of the way when I’m not using it. And this has worked out like a charm so far.

Last Friday I just added a USB to dual HDMI hub so now my 15" monitor on top of my yoke is connected to my USB hub for power, touch control and video. So that eliminated the 2 extra pesky cables I used to have running to my computer directly. Now I can quickly disconnect 2 cables and slide my cockpit out of the way.

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I think you have the blueprints for what my setup should be. Modular, portable, easy to break down when needed.

Thanks for your help and in advance for those additional photos!

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If in about 5-6 hours I haven’t posted the photos, it’s likely because my old, dumb ■■■■ has forgotten. Just poke me to remind me. lol

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Appreciate your help! I’m beginning to think this isn’t going to be an impossible task!

It’s actually quite easy and works incredibly well. I have a LOT of stuff mounted to my flight stand, as you can see. It’s solid and easy to move.

In order to mount both the Alpha and Bravo, you would likely have to offset the shelf to the right side of the stand. Having it in the centre like on mine wouldn’t allow you to mount the Bravo on the side, as the stand’s right support would get in the way. But it’s definitely doable and would work fine.

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Definitely looking forward to your images to get an idea of how you’ve got it mounted to the frame, and how you have your pieces mounted to the board. You’re using the Honeycomb clamps with the shelf?

Yes I am. My current shelf isn’t screwed on yet. I had another one made from an old, ugly scrap piece of wood before that was screwed on. This one will be eventually as well. Currently, the Honeycomb clamps are what hold the shelf top onto the stand until I get my final configuration sorted out. It’s solid as it is, but would like it better screwed on.

I’m going to be adding a second 15" monitor on top of my Logitech AP panel in the near future and will have to do some reconfiguring. Once I’ve moved things around into their final configuration, I’ll drill the required holes and get it all secured.

This project has definitely expanded since I started it! lol Luckily, this is a pretty versatile setup.

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Gotcha - cant wait to see your setup and how you’ve mounted it to the stand and the parts to the shelf. I’m loving the sound of it for my use case!

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I use this to secure the Alpha-

For the Bravo I have it clamped to a small wooden stool so it’s approximately where most airline levers would be. For now I put paint cans on the bottom to add weight. On top is the Logitech radio panel and it sits flush with the bottom of the desk. (The tape has been replaced with sticky tack).



I too have my sim gear mounted to a Next Level Racing Flight Stand. However I added the optional game table to mount on top of the stand. I did not install the included arms for joy stick etc.
There is enough room on the table top to mount both the Alpha yoke and the Bravo throttle as well as USB hub, cables and to the left, a wireless keyboard and mouse.
The stand allows setting table height to your comfort level in front of your monitor. In my case that is a 65” 4K tv. I use a computer game chair to sit at the game table.
Other than power I have only one USB cable between my hub and my game computer
Hope this helps