Portugal - Photogrammetry- Leiria Needed Please see!

Good afternoon, to All,

To Everyone that is a developer from a studio that is looking or reading this post, I would love to ask if anyone including the Asobo development Team could take on this task to bring life to the hometown to lots of Portuguese people I would love to see better terrain with the accurate and latest photogrammetry and textures of beautiful Leiria, we have an amazing history and beautiful point of interest which is Castel of Leiria and by old legend saying was built on top of old Vulcano that is deep underneath the Castel that was built back by D. Afonso Henriques as he ordered the construction of the Castle, as it was in a strategic position during the time of the Christian Reconquest, and we have conducted the Euro 2004 and our home town was hosting the France Croatia game which I have attended back then, is a beautiful town and not too far we have very important military air base BA5 Monte Real, and nice coste line with amazing beaches one of them is Nazare and others and also amzing light house whcih is in São Pedro de Moel, see some amazing photos and area which is covered by Leiria! And we also have in our town a small aerodrome for the local Leiria Airclube which is amazing due to the fact that the runway has a crossing road, the actual name is Aeródromo Municipal de Leiria!

I wish that Asobo Team could bring this amazing town to life and make the area more photo-realistic more accurate and color vivid as now is a shame to even fly to see the town where I grow up and just not there the Stadium is flat and no life at all and lots of flat parts were there are no even buildings or anything just flat sections :frowning:

Can we have a nice Leiria area of Portugal that will add even more immersion to fly amazing routes and add some amazing points of interest as we have lots of them, and bringing more people to fly over in Portugal!

A little bit about Leiria (Google info provided ) :


Leiria is a city and municipality in the Central Region of Portugal. It is the 2nd largest city in that same region, with a municipality population of 128,640 in an area of 565.09 square kilometers. It is the seat of its own district and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Leiria-Fátima.

Please Asobo Team let’s make this happen! As we have so many nice places and added locations but Portugal it’s lacking and it is already a small country but with very beautiful locations and interesting places to discover! Same thing for instance Serra da Estrela north of Portugal we have snow mountains :mountain_snow: very nice ones but in MSFS some how this is not reflected sadly :disappointed:

Thank you Asobo team for all your hard work and effort! Just update Leiria and objects as it’s sad to look at :+1:t2:

Anyone guys? Feel same as I do feel on the above and some other areas can be improved also but Portugal, and central area of Portugal along with North such as Porto those must be improved need improvement as that what is really is an area that lack of attention and as per above anyone flying above would enjoy love this :+1:t2: as it has amazing areas or points of interest! And having it in details just like Lisbon it would make lots of people enjoy flying Europe even more! :call_me_hand:t2:

Asobo, ORBX and Other developers please look at this and say something what you think on this? :pray:t2:

Best regards,