World update Portugal Fix Needed Missing Textures- USA Terrain fix needed!

Hi Asobo Team,

As per my flying around in Portugal and USA I have noticed that let’s say Lisbon has missing a big chunk of improved terrain that came with world update Europe, and I would like to point out why not to extend this world update in Europe in some more countries that lack of good terrain, for instance look at Portugal is a very small country compared to any other European countries, but nevertheless it has lots of interesting points of interests such as Leiria city it has lots of unique places and not to mention a castle on vulcano and not that far from an famous Air Base Monte Real, then you have famous world surfing beach Nazaré for its huge waves and surfing world championships, Leiria is center and not far from Coimbra which you have reworked already so my question why only that and not expand and just do all north of the country! Look at Porto very famous beautiful city size of Lisbon of not bigger. Please Asobo could you add that all the way from Lisbon to Porto as its iconic country for tourism in Europe ! Algarve for example just look at all that.


See photos of missing parts of terrain update it’s just not nice it’s out of immersion specially on approach to LPPT RNW 03 !

Lisbon spikes have been fixed and no longer present as it was ORBX light house addon causing Lisbon terrain deformation spikes in distance!

You can clearly see missing chunks of terrain in my attached photos with this post, it do makes it quite ugly and it’s immediately immersion beaker as you have very heavy line in colour that it’s very noticeable when you even flying low level or high altitude! And as said just extend this to north all the way to Porto/ Leiria trough central line of country! I’m sure it can be done for next world update!

Also I would ask anyone in the community if you can fly right now load your flight in Discovery Flights select Italy and fly there to see the ground discoloured lines were you can clearly see that it’s like land had been added updated but was not blended properly together and that leaves a huge lines just like you can see below in USA! Check that out and report them here with screen shots so we bring attention to this issue!

Then look at USA, washed out green and very bad quality roads and terrain, oh and this is me flying discovery flight and this is just unbelievable ugly you flying low level and you see this deep colour differences and clearly a block of square texture very distinguish marking it almost looks like was just implanted on top of ugly discoloured textures of desert slammed there for sake of why not! Guys this also need fixing and improvements as flying low level or High altitude just brakes immediately immersion!

Asobo development team guys please let’s address this issue and fix it you are capable talented people, myself as texture artist I could get this sorted, have I tools as you have I could do it within 2 weeks/ 3 weeks time I’m sure with your resources you can get it done👌🏻 plus I know working as team it can be managed and done, step by step fixing this obvious texture terrain issues with team management Portugal is a fix and some parts of US such as this desert specially when it’s on your discovery flights!

Thanks a lot Asobo all team for your hard work, but this also need attention and don’t let it for late or last this can be done and must be done.

Fix Portugal as won’t take that long all northern line and costal from Algarve to Lisbon and all the way to Porto via Leiria as flying there low level is just gorgeous with lots of historic places, and sure that some beautiful flying and discovery flights can be done, and not to forget Portugal has also snow mountains in Serra da Estrela it’s almost like Swiss very beautiful! Check it out guys! and Fix US desert :cactus:

Here also one post I have made about Portugal!

I also would like to advise if Asobo team could look and integrate or see this addon as the person who made it made this town very well made but I would love to have this as part of the Update to Europe 2 or something and avoid too many or at all mods modifying terrain in SIM, so would be cool if developers could look at this person has made fantastic job in getting Leiria to real-life look!

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Can be my post be moved to the correct section on forum so that development team can acknowledge this issue ? Thanks much appreciated

Unfortunately, this isn’t a bug report, it’s a request for enhancement. You have a very detailed post, it’s better to post directly to Zendesk since that will get received by the Dev Team directly.

First of all, thank you on last update (

At least for me, those weird things pointed by user ChaiManNova in this post, remains (Portugal)

Sad, but true (again at least for me).