Positionable HUD

I fly with a three-monitor setup, so roughly 5760x1080. in drone/chasecam whatever mode, the HUD instruments seem pinned to the l/r corners of the window. it’s kind of a drag. Years ago early RoF allowed repositionable HUD instruments and it was awesome, but later disabled as the devs saw it as a way of leveling the playfield in a combat sim. this is not a combat sim, please give this some consideration.

I have a similar triple set up. In an ideal world I would like to be able to toggle HUD on and off on all external views. Also a pilot forward facing camera without the cockpit panel if poss?

Exactly. I want to have possibility to select and move any hud gauge (I missing turn coordinator gauge in HUD, why it is missing?) and to have possibility to deactivate some gauges and save this settings for next MSFS flights.

There is a topic elsewhere in the forum that offers a workaround for the equivalent of the no-HUD exterior view. it essentially gives instructions on assigning a default camera placement to directly in front of the nose of the a/c. I have not tried it as described. The threads also mention invoking a control mode while using the drone camera, I have not tried that either.

Yep. [UIMOD] I want to introduce my mods to you

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