Positive SU5 experiences

if you cannot see the irony in your comments, that’s on you. but let me help: maybe the people complaining did not manually modify their game files, so what they are reporting is maybe correct?!


I7-7700 @4.2. Gtx 1080. Mid range i supposed, use mid to high settings in msfs, served me well for last 1 year through all previous updates until SU5. Cleared everything in community folders. CTDs 70% of the time in flight, no Live AI traffic for months. How now?

Even the airliners cabin views asobo replaced the more realistic sound effects of the engine, reverse thrust, touch down sound with WHAT in SU5?..with passenger chatters (creating fun factor or what) and all other more realistic sounds cant be heard now for pple who replay in these views often. Why? To cater to the gaming grp of new customers they are trying to attract?

Good for you… lets me give you a sincere round of applause. Congrat. Many are not as lucky as you… based on the amount of threads within day 1 on constant CTDs. So be happy that you are blessed and showed some emphathy, else just go enjoy your game why come here to lecture the less fortunate?

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That is nonsense, if you leave it at the base 200 you will get the same 200 you used to get before.

Now that you have the fps to spare you can just increase the LOD further.
I can see Yokohama from Tokyo at 47 fps on 4k for god’s sake.


I know because that’s almost always ben true in the flight sim community that I have been following for the last 2 decades.

i thought you were referencing the people that reported these extreme “LOD popups”, like this one: Disappointed in Sim Update 5 - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

the two videos from the first post. so your change does not affect this, but just gives a much greater view distance for objects?


*clap clap. Woohoo.

That is correct, that is a different issue.
That comes from object culling, when you pan the camera around very fast objects pop-in in the distance, which should not be an issue 95% of the time flying, but it is not related to LOD draw distance.


Apart from the 3 CTD I’ve experienced in just 2 hrs of playing SU5, I’m enjoying all the other ‘quality of life improvements’. The A.I. Assist, while still not perfect by any means, is a step in the right direction - I would prefer to leave the bulk of the work to the A.I. every time. The sim runs smoothly for me (running at 1920x1080@30fps on ‘High End’ seems to work nicely).

But the CTD bug is totally unacceptable, whatever the gains elsewhere. I never had a CTD problem with the sim in any of its prior iterations. It’s a major problem and I cannot endorse SU5 until that has been fixed.

Do you have any overclock on your GPU? I have noticed in the past that MSFS does seem a little fussy when it comes to overclocked GPUS.

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I wish we were in early days of FSX release where you get 5 FPS with the highest hardware. I cant imagine how forums would be.

Here is my experience:
Best update so far because it solved performance issues for me. I can further increase LOD from CFG and it looks incredible. For the quality i am on a different league. I started this hobby mainly with FSX. I do my comparison within SIM environment based on how i use it. I do not compare MSFS graphics with other AAA games and I always fly with tubeliners. So i am sure a lot of people going to disagree with me.

Bugs, improvements etc? of course they will be fixed one by one. Sim is far from done from my point of view.

Now i am casually waiting for DX12, Multi Screen support, PMDG 777, QW 787 and GSX and hopefully around 2023-2024 MSFS will be developed into its full potential and by the help of powerful GPU’s (probably next 2 generations) we can do triple 4K!


I’ve had some speed bumps updating (not all resolved yet) but performance is FANTASTIC. I’m seeing a 50% improvement in fps in the Los Angeles area, and it no longer has long multi-second pauses while flying around. Completely seems to have solved the LA perf issues.

I’m really pleased about that!

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Exactly. Those whining are either new to the genre or simply have short memories.

This is an amazing update overall.

Lol, nothing beat armchair pilots talking about “experience”


Lol. You are meannn…but i like it.

Experience with the flight sim community. Keep up. Or continue firing blanks.

Go go keep firing the real thing…u soldiers? Hahaha. Go play your game since you have a new amazing flight sim to play after the SU5…leave the forum for many of us trying to find solutions my dear friend.

Yeah, I’m loving actually flying the sim as opposed to crying on the forums over minor things.

It’s literally amazing over NYC.

Hey…so why are u still replying continuously…funny guy you.

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