Possibility for Bush trips to select real world weather

hello it will be real nice in my opinion to have the ability to select if we want real world weather when we fly those bush trips.that can give more challenge.Thanks a lot and please add this selection if its possible

i dont know how to add a vote system thanks…

Hello @LuminalPuma9412 ,

The best place to make this voteable would be in the #self-service:wishlist category. This category is dedicated to requesting any additions or changes to MSFS itself. Before you post to this category, you can use the search function to see if any existing / similar topics exist covering your idea. If there aren’t then you can start a new topic.

I’ve had a quick search and found the following topic on ability to change weather. This may be of interest to you?

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i completely agree

in fact this and the ability to change the aircraft (atleast the livery) are some of the Few default file mods i use
but the weather requires editing 2 save files each session so its not easy or simple to explain
the livery or even an aircraft change is not so bad since that saves in these files but still requires default Official file edits the way i do it (so not really suggested)

these examples would need to be modded for other bush trips, but provide an example of what i do to get live weather

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i will try to do that thanks a lot!

seems to be the same post as the wishlist thanks Thomasralph

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No worries! I’m going to close this as the best place to feedback is in the wishlist category as linked above.