Possible fix for improving the graphics after SU5

Yeah I think, well actually hoping that we get back to being able to utilize our hardware to its potential on the PC side.

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I still have a 2060 super lying around…curious to see how that runs the sim🤔

And it is the same as the VRAM capacity of the 3070 and many other dGPUs.

If the GPUMem budqet is the amount of VRAM usage the sim is using, then 10GB was probably the previous limit since Task manager reported 12GB of VRAM usage in SU4.

Based on my personal experience, this change in limit may have helped the RTX3080.

I had a Zotac 3080 Trinity in my system until last December, and the FPS on final approach and landing for RJTT was -5fps from the 3090, i.e. 25fps on final approach and 20fps on landing, sometimes dropping below 17fps.

I can’t test this as I don’t have a 3080 on hand already, but if this FPS drop is due to VRAM capacity overage, SU5 would have helped the 3080.

I use a RTX 3090 and play at 4K ultra. I too noticed a graphics quality degradation after SU5. I don’t like to edit the usercfg file so I just set render scaling to 1.1. Wow, same performance as pre-SU5 (30-40 fps) but so much nicer!

Given the announcement just made, here’s the link if you’ve missed it:

maybe no one will care any more, but I’ve made a comparison video showing post SU5+Hotfix with/without LOD increases per @aerovin88’s original post. So the video compares my normal ultra settings with LOD 200 for both terrain and objects v LOD 400 for terrain and objects and also with film grain and colorgrading set to zero.

This shows the FPS impact of the extended LODs (I’m assuming film grain and colorgrading don’t impact FPS, but I may be wrong on that). Overall the FPS impact for me is around 15-20 although it seems to reduce towards the end of the clip where we head out of the PG area to maybe around 10. Having said that, I’m still getting north of 50 FPS a lot of the time. However I do notice a few more brief stutters - they are brief, and it smooths out quickly afterwards, but they are definitely there.

See what you think (HD version still processing):

Fix are coming, new option added and LOD higher then SU4.
Regarding Your Feedback + Upcoming Hotfix

A comparison like this one makes me believe that the FPS gains from their highly advertised “(memory and CPU) optimisations” can almost completely be explained by the reduction of objects either visible or in RAM.

Maybe too harsh from my side, but it gives me yet another bitter taste when it comes to their statements vs reality…

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I might agree with you, but in my earlier comparison, the smoothness going from 1.17.3 to 1.18.13/14 is very noticeable, and the original FPS is considerably lower than the LOD 400/400 (note that in this video, 1.17.3 version has Orbx Londond Landmarks installed whereas 1.18.13 does not - which explains the differences noticeable in many of the bigger buildings):

Smoothness is very important for me as I’m flying in VR. :slight_smile: And I didn’t say that they haven’t done any optimisations besides reducing the number of objects, but it troubles me anyway that the game doesn’t seem to scale well with the variety of PC hardware anymore. I mean, what’s the point in limiting VRAM and RAM usage on a PC with ultra settings so that it “accidentally” fits the specs of a console…?

I think it’s the starting point. If they deliver the kind of sliders per the announcement yesterday, that should enable more capable PCs of using more RAM/VRAM. At least we’ve got a strong FPS starting point - imagine trying to do that with where we were in

What we won’t know, until they do it, is what the performance gain actually will be with the sliders maxed or at “pre SU5” equivalent. I fear slightly that even if that turns out not any different to pre SU4, then the torch/pitchfork weilding crowd may return. Having said that, even if it does, we will at least have options for people to choose what they want to do.

EDIT - don’t have VR, so no idea how this impacts on that

Because it’s probably a logistical headache having to optimise and update what is essentially two versions of the game. It’s a cleaner solution having one version that runs on both platforms.

The ironic thing is if they introduce sliders for PC players we’ll be able to get to pre SU5 graphical quality but at the expense of returning to pre SU5 frame rates, so the whole performance exercise will be a waste of time

Maybe, maybe not, but even if not we will have more choice so people can choose to get more FPS in more ways if that’s what people want.

It’ll keep those who prefer high LOD over FPS happy and it’ll be seen as a good move going forward as even more powerful hardware arrives.

The who performance upgrade will never be a waste of time because there will always be a good balancing point now of performance versus visuals to work from. Before the update it was impossible to get your CPU to do more heavy lifting with the larger aircraft as they simply weren’t coded to make the best use of more cores. Now thats no longer the case.

Once all these issues get ironed out SU5 will be seen as a big positive turning point for the sim I think.

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I‘m using LOD 4 to get back the visuals from SU4. FPS a little better than in SU4 with these settings. However,stutters are quite reduced, even with LOD 4. So ASOBO has done some optimisations.


Since SU5 launched, I’ve been getting all kinds of connectivity error messages like that. Typically, it’s Azure voice cutting out, but I’ve also had that same error you’re getting. No issues with my connection. I’m on 1 Gbit fibre and it’s rock solid all the time.

It’s hard to tell if it’s due to bugs with network code changes or whether it’s their cloud services getting overloaded due to the influx of Xbox users.

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I installed a RAM drive and it did not seem to make any difference
in my PC. I took it off.

I do have 64GB of RAM.
Maybe, that is why.

+1 to that as well.

I get this problem panning anywhere but it is much worse in airports

What I’ve noticed in flight is that when I pan it effect 3 things

  1. All CPU corse spike to 100% for 1-3 seconds
  2. Ethernet traffic increases during spike
  3. Frame rates drop

To me that says when panning the game has to download some data which causes the CPU to hang and wait which cause the frame rate to drop

The screen grab below illustrates my point
Every CPU spike is caused by panning and you can clearly see the Ethernet spikes alligning perfectly!

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probably related to the scenery culling that was implemented with SU5. Maybe with the proposed fixes that come with WU6 this may abate a bit? I get it also, and notice that the heavier the scenery from an object redraw perspective, the more I am impacted. Hence airports seem to be the worst. Just my 2c worth…