Possible fix for improving the graphics after SU5

Have you enabled rolling cache?.

There is no limit in VRAM, my self has up to 12-13 Gb usage. I even can go up to 16 GB, but then my fps drops under 40.

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Where do you see this information?. Can you post a screenshot if possible?

From the AMD overlay application. Big cities give me as I said 12-13 GB. Rural areas between 9-10. Flying real high decreases to about 8 GB of usage. If I crank up the settings to max, it goes beyond that, but then I cannot fly anymore smoothly.

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that overlay application probably takes into account the global VRAM load, OS included.
please use the ingame tool.


Your AMD software is broken :wink:

Check ram usage via dev mode and fps - on.

Hmm. AMD overlay is broken? Big words. But I dont mind to watch into the dev mod and reply back.

Yep that’s exactly what it is.For me it’s virtually impossible to get a stutter free experience without moving the camera around.

Everyone know that :wink:

Folk should’t be needing to have to edit their config files to remove issues caused by them.


Yes, true. AMD Overlay or Taskmanger gives you the VRAM usage for your entire OS not just for the game. I tried find if there are any softwares that can give VRAM usage per application or process. But unfortunately could not find any of them. Therefore right now we can get that information only from the sim’s in built FPS counter. And those who are saying the in game FPS counter is incorrect, do you use any software that displays GPU VRAM usage for a particular application?. For e.g. in this case for FlightSimulator.exe. I believe you guys might have used it to compare and prove that the in game FPS is wrong right?.

Yes, i am not saying it is not an issue. The sim needs to fixed for sure, all these values need to be back to normal. This is just a temporary solution until the sim is fixed properly. In fact i never made any changes to my UserCfg.opt before SU5.

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So MS / AS has left the door wide open for another company to take (seriously) the good definition of SIMULATOR. The consoles are not for Simulator, they are for PLAYING. So if that is the vision of MS, then MS2020 will gradually stop being a simulator and will become a console game, like CoD, Metro, NfS. Now then: MSFG2020 (Microsoft Flight Game 2020).
Welcome Xplane 21


actually this entire drama will be very useful to understand the direction.
if the reaction will be fixing and restoring the regressions made to the “sim” aspect then I think the “sim” aspect could have a future.
if the reaction will be “ops, ulàlà” then it means that the game aspect will be dominat.
only time will tell.
for now, wallet closed for 3rd parties, I already regret buying some expensive addons for this.


Yes, nothing against the help your trying to give to the community.It’s great folk come forward and help. It just bugs me PC simmers are having to bend over backwards trying to keep their sim working.


Same here. I have already deleted my wish list from the msfs2020 market.


With this “culling” of scenery not in the cameras view, does this mean that MFS2020 will never be able to to use three monitors for cockpit builds in the future?


Something really messed up there. Here’s what I see in the same place give or take. My system is very average, Ryzen 1600x, 1080ti, 32gb ram, running at 3440x1440. Using ultra preset but have turned off depth of field, ai traffic, rendering at 90%.

Did you try the solution i posted above?

How could they conceive such an abomination? Is this confirmed?