Possible solution for no clouds with live weather

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no clouds with live weather

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not sure I think SU 10

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[/wrap] I have had this issue as has others with no clouds in live weather. Sometimes I would have them, other times they might load into the flight, or not at all. Also baro and wind would not load some of the time until sometime into the flight. I tried some fixes but nothing really worked such as this one where you check both private and public for flightsimulator in windows defender firewall allowed apps.

Then I went to Windows Defender firewall/Advanced setting/Inbound rules scrolled down to anything for flight simulator and more than half where not enabled. So I just went through and enabled all of them, and now I have clouds ,baro, wind all the time. I tested with several flight and always have clouds now. I hope this might be a solution to this problem.

Also for Asobo why are there so many entries for the flight simulator, is this right?
Also I make sure malware bytes is off, not sure if this was causing problems too.

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I do not have that many entries, I only have two for flightsimulator, and have none for flightsimulator.exe

I don’t know why I would have that many either, but I’m hoping Someone from Asobo can commit on it. But that’s what got my clouds, baro, wind back.

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Asobo does not respond to individual issues in the forum.
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Other responders to your post may have some advice, and you could also “Submit a Request” to Zendesk, using the “Support” tab at the top of the page, they may be able to tell you what is going on.