Possible to install the launcher on C and the game on D?

I have not enough space to install the full game on C so I installed it on D
The problem is that my D drive has only : Game - Program and Music folders
When I install the launcher on D it create some unwelcome folders in plain root directory
Is there any trick to bypass the disk space error to be able to install just the launcher on C then the Game on D in “Game” folder?

The game actually asks you where to install. It will always use the appdata location for the default launcher related stuff but you can point it to wherever you want it to install the official and community folder.


I would upgrade your C: drive. Since day one there have been issues installing on another drive. I personally ran into many.

If it’s just that these folders are cluttering up your D when looking at it, and it’s not about needing the space, the easiest thing to do:
change the folders to hidden view.

Yes, absolutely. I have a 1TB SSD which has the game installed on C: and I have a folder on D: I call FLSIM and that’s where the sim’s files are kept (170GB plus). When an update happens the game (i.e. launcher) is updated and then it tells me how much space is required for the fiiles and allows you to update the location of those files - although normally of course it remembers. I have the MS Store version. I prefer this arrangement as then Windows Explorer on D: isn’t cluttered up with the system folders.

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Same experience. From the early begining I have the launcher (default C:) and all the package on a second NvME (H:) at the root (H:\MSFS2020\Community…). Nor only it’s very convenient to spread the read(write) load on several drives, but it’s a cool way to backup/restore custom content (community) and having a straight access to the Community without digging into sub folders :wink:

It was usefull as well to have a separate package location when using the Beta post SU7 and re-joining the mainstream early this January.

Never had any issues spreading the installation. And never had any CTD or low performance issues either. SATA SSD’s on the previous PC, now NVME for C: and SATA SSD for the content path.


I have 1To NVMe M2 with 2 partitions, 100Go for Win and 900Go for Prog / Game / Music

If the Win partition was making +250Go, I would be able to install the 1Go launcher on it then the game on D:\ GAME \ MFS 2020.
But since it’s not the case it looks like i have no other choice than let it install all its ■■■■ on D root then hide them in explorer.
Best solution for now, but still waiting before reinstall in case there an other workaround I’m not thinking of, like trick its install on C with symbolic link or a thing like that, maybe install all in D then move everything but the game on C by hand, would this require a registry edit to work?

I don’t understand what this means.

Win 10 (around 60GB, see note) and FS2020 (1.xx GB) can easily fit on your 100Go partition.

Note: It depends on what apps you install on the Win boot drive, usually C:.
Mine is running at 93 GB right now.

Installed to C here and game data on E, no issues.

Windows is taking about 50Go of the 100Go, so there still 50Go of free space on C but it don’t let me install it there :


Or I’m missing something

It is asking you where you want to install the the “Installed Packages”
which is the 123GB.

It has already installed the initial 1.xx GB on C:.

The program is not clear with stating “where do you want to install this game”.

Create a new folder on D: like D:\FS2020 then
Tell it D: drive.

I tried to select D hoping to see it go in the already existing “Game” folder, but it installed the launcher and all its files on D root, then when I run the launcher it ask me where I want to install the +100Go

Will try to check in C AppData to see if it already installed the initial 1.xx GB in background, but i doubt.

Then, they have changed the download/install program.

Are you sure that it installed the launcher on D:?

If so, give us a screenshot of D: via File Explorer so that we can see what is happening.

That’s what I think yes, because it looks like I’m the only one with this problem.

Files on D was :WpSystem, WindowsApps, DeliveryOptimisation

I did not found any trace of the launcher in C /AppData.

But I managed to do what I wanted by installing the first 1.17Go on D ( I assume just the launcher)

Then moved everything on C in Windows 11 Apps parameter ( I do not recall having seen this possibility with Win 10)

Then with the launcher installed the 120Go of the game on D in the right folder

For now the game seems to start with no issue, but wait and see how it goes.

Respectfully, I think you are misunderstanding this. I don’t know what Country you are in. Maybe yours is different.
If so, disregard my Posts.

My FS2020 is installed on my C: boot drive where Win 10 is installed.
This is the original 1.xx GB.

FS2020 is installed on my D: drive. D:\FS2020
This is the 130GB “Installed Packages”.

My FS2020 folder

The Official folder is 136 GB.

My MSFS App “Move” Command

It is the same as yours that you put on your Post.
But, this is what is confusing you.
It says the app is currently installed on D:. This is confusing.
Only the “Installed Packages” are installed on D:
I don’t want to move mine.

But if you did select “Move”, it moved yours to your C: drive.

Easy way for you to verify is to look at your UserCfg.opt file.
Edit it with Notepad and scroll to the bottom of the file.


Mine is: → InstalledPackagesPath “D:\FS2020”

Note: The “Move” command does not delete the old location.
You could have the “Installed Packages” on both drives.

I don’t know, probably a thing I don’t understand, it’s fixed but out of curiosity, uninstalled it to test again

When I first go to the Xbox App to install MFS I got this install location request :


Have no other choice than choose “D”

Then come the second installation request :

I pick “D” again, so I don’t see what could be installed on “C”?

But the main goal was to clean up the root of “D” drive, and move the App to “C” worked

Before :

After :

It’s ok for me, that was all I needed

But, I think you have the FS2020 “Installed Packages” installed on your C: drive. UserCfg.opt will tell where it is installed.

But, if you are happy, enjoy FS2020.

Thank you, have fun too!

I think it’s ok, there still a very big “MFS 2020” folder of about 130Go in the “GAME” folder

User Config

All looks fine

This is just about retarded…
First you have download and install 2 - 3 apps from the store (they like to error on install) before you can even get started. The entire process of getting MSFS 2020 on a PC, takes forever with Ms servers giving Users download speeds barely above dial-up, as it downloads, then unpacks, repeat and rinse. I have no other games that take as much to down and time to install. Then you wind with a huge “Official” folder (276 GB). Now if something goes wrong with windows or your PC where new install is needed, and your ISP has monthly data cap, ur hurting.
My solution, Ms allowing the Sim to be install to another drive would sure save some drive space on the C drive. besides saving space on your C, it would cut way down on the install time, instead of creating a huge folder that has to be located on the C - appData.