Possible workaround to unfreeze from long freezes

OK, so tonight (like many others) I guess, I’ve been getting some long freezes at random. These lasted a long time - maybe 30-60 seconds or even more perhaps. When this happens, GPU usage falls to zero. Eventually the sim restarts and I don’t seem to get CTDs from these, although it does kind of feel on the cusp at times.

What I found though was that I could somehow unfreeze the sim by ALT-TABing a few times in and out of the sim. This seemed to restart the sim after a few seconds, rather than sitting waiting for ages. Seemed to work each time I tried it.

Just thought I’d share and maybe you can see if it works for you too. Obviously it doesn’t stop the freeze completely, but it felt a lot better to me to be able to kick start things again


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