PowerSTOL for FS2020 now with Floats

Hallo Pilots,

I just released new smal aircraft for FS2020, and if you have any questions regarding it, please ask. You will find updated and actual status within this thread.

Actual version available here: simMarket: V.G.P. - POWERSTOL TIRE + FLOAT VERSION MSFS


Hi Jan,

Purchased. About to give it a spin over Vieques.

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Well, that was fun! So far, everything works great. Nice little ultra-light for my collection.

My only gripe is - PLEASE update the main thumbnail for the aircraft so that it matches the rest of them and isn’t a picture of the AC in some environment. It’s the only thing that is an eye-sore in the aircraft selection screen.

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Hallo Jeremy,

thank you, Im really happy you like it. Thank you for the idea with thumnail, I will change it.

Im really sorry, Im quite busy right now with my family, but If you will still be available within few days, we can fly multiplayer as you suggested.

Best regards

That must be someone else, I never suggested multiplayer! But yeah, enjoy your time with family. Happy Holidays! Let me know when you update the thumbnail so I can download the new version! Cheers and thank you for a fun aircraft!

Im sorry, my mistake with multiplayer. I have some work to do, but I will let you know when I will update the thumbnail. Thank you and Happy new Year

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New video released : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv7lGpPuHag&t=266s

Im working on texture maps and new liveries, so repainting will be easier. Adding also some details like flies on wing front edge.


Is the only pilot character available the one with the motorcycle helmet?

Hallo, yes it is, there is windy in open cockpit :slight_smile:

Picked it up since and doing my first filght over the Swiss Alps, I don’t have VR but I do use trackir and it’s very nice to fly that way because you keep looking around in this thing and the sensation of height is like no other aircraft, really enjoying that aspect of it even more so given I have a fear of heights and I can almost feel my legs turning to jelly when looking down.

When I use my cockpit quickview left/right though it doesn’t look out the cockpit however, it goes to a wingview looking into the cockpit from that respective side.
+1 on the texturing as well from me. It definitely needs some scuff marks and maybe oil stains on the engine parts and paint chips on the other surfaces, that would certainly make it feel a lot more real but other than that I can’t really fault it. Bottom line I certainly recommended it to anyone and given the price it’s a no brainer. Even if you think this isn’t your thing I reckon you’ll change your mind once your high up between some spectacular terrain, it’s a very unique experience.



thank you for your words, Im glad you like it. I know about the bug in left view since yesterday. It will be fixed in next update as well. There are two possibilites how to solve it easily:

  1. go into the game controls menu (picture bellow) and change POV switch assignment from “cockpit quicklook left” to “cockpit look left” (do the same for right) and than you will be able to look slowly left/right which I personally like more. That is the reason why I did not found the problem earlier.

  2. go into airplane package here: community\vgp-powersolo\SimObjects\Airplanes\VGP_PowerSolo and find file named cameras.cfg. Backup old one and edit it in notepad. Find cameradefinition and delete everything under [CAMERADEFINITION.2] including this line. Only [CAMERADEFINITION.0] and [CAMERADEFINITION.1] will remain.

If you have problems to edit it, just send me mail please and I will send you already edited file.

Thank you
Best regards

No worries, I’m not bothered by it atm given I fly using trackir. Cool to see the dev himself here, based on your name I assume you are from Holland or Belgium?

Thank you Im from Czech Republic.

OK I was ways off :smiley: Anyways, greetings from Melbourne AU and keep up the good work!

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I have a question. I notice the ceiling is 20,000 feet but for the life of me I can barely get it above 10, around the 10,900 feet I’m constantly stalling, playing around with power/mixture doesn’t get me anywhere either. I just can’t get it to climb any higher.

Hello Jan

Bought it yesterday, and i really like it.
Its fun to fly and really enjoy the scenery.

Will try to edit the file for the camera settings, since i don’t have irtrack of vr (yet)

Keep up the good work.

Kind regards


2TOGPixella: was working, but game creators still change some critical things in simulator behavior. I just test it and started from SLLP (13300ft) and with mixture settings on 30-36 ascended to 14500ft. It is still able to ascend but did not test it more today. The only idea why you cant get higher is due to icing. My model has no icing visualisation, but when your speed stops to indicate speed you are iced and aircraft is than very heavy. Anyway in my description on market there is already maximum 14400ft and I will fix it also in game menu with new patch. Thank you for your feedback and let me know.

2Mandl1707: thank you Im glad you like it. Im now working and testing on another cameras solution. I will post it here ASAP.

Best regards

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I bought it to, and agree with the earlier comments. Very fun to fly! And i specially like how slow and low i can go with this one. Excellent plane-mod!

Hallo Im glad you like it RotbartMulcuto :slight_smile:

PLEASE EVERYBODY: If you are experiencing problems with Quickviews please send me e-mail, I will send you fix with instructions. Everything will be fixed also in next update, but dont want to make new big update due such small problem. Thank you