Pre-made flight plans (e.g. SimBrief) change automatically when choosing gate/parking

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When loading a pre-made flight plan (.pln), such as those created by SimBrief, the flight plan loads into the simulator properly initially, but when I try to select a different starting position (gate or ramp instead of the default runway selection) the flight plan changes without my input, adding various waypoints. Sometimes it appears to be a transition, sometimes it appears to be odd ‘custom’ waypoints. I read about using the drop-down list to select starting position instead of clicking the actual spot on the world map, but both methods create the issue. Occasionally it does work by using the drop-down.

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Flight plan as it appears immediately after loading it:

Flight plan as it appears after selecting gate 74:

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Have only been using the sim’s planning features after SU9.

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Duplicate defect report.