Premium / Delux airports loading issue

Hello all, just want to make it clear an issue with certain Premium / Delux airports (specifically EGLL, HECA, KORD, KSFO, KDEN). For me, loading these airports with any plane the sim will hang up at loading process.

A temporary workaround for me is to remove these airports in content manager. The issue has been submitted as ticket 115281.

Same issue for me. I first noticed it at KORD. Then found the same issue with KMDW. KCMI is about 100 miles south of Chicago, it works fine. EGLL won’t load, but EGCC, EGPH will.

Boy, it sure seems like every update that fixes problems just creates even bigger problems.

I am having the same problem! I haven’t been able to load into any of those airports since SU5. I was hoping SU6 would fix it, but no luck. This is so ridiculous. Everything was working fine for me before SU5 came out.
How is it acceptable for patches to be released in this state?!!
I feel so ripped off for paying for enhanced versions of these airports!

I recently purchased EGGP Liverpool by Digital design and everytime I tried a flight it would hang mid way through, removing it and game works fine.
In my attempt to rule out botched os etc I did a full re-install, updated windows then reinstalled msfs then just the upgrades - no world updates and no other paid ware. Still the same thing so for now it’s money wasted sitting on the bench.