Prevent Controllers From Interfering with Windows Power Management

This is really a Windows 10 issue but until Microsoft sees fit to fix it within Windows maybe the folks developing MSFS, if the hope is to garner wide-spread enthusiast support for the sim, could fix the issue within MSFS.

Once you have game controllers hooked up to your computer, your computer (at least your monitor) will never follow Windows Power Management settings. A controller will keep your monitor from going to sleep. That’s as it should be, BUT only when you’re gaming.

Unplugging my controllers restores normal monitor sleep behavior for me, too.

I’d like to have an option within MSFS to check off: a) Prevent game controllers from keeping computer awake when MSFS is not being used, or, b) Automatically disable HID-compliant game controllers in Windows Device Manager when MSFS is not being used.

Obviously, I can do b) manually every time I exit MSFS and am not going to use the game again for a while. Or I could just buy a (safe) switchable USB hub and hook up all my game controllers up to that (which is what I’m going to do for now).

An obviously place for Microsoft to put a fix in Windows is in turning GAME MODE on or off. When Game Mode is ON, controllers should RULE! When Game Mode is OFF, game controllers should be told to go sit in a corner and don’t bother anyone.

Apparently, the sleep issue has been a problem with Windows 10 for over 5 years.

And it didn’t use to work this way in Windows 7, according to the limited number of posts I’ve read in searching the Internet. But it’s a big complaint amongst gamers using Windows 10 (and the funny thing is the opposite problem has occurred for Xbox - gamers complained in the past about Xbox going to sleep at inopportune times!). So maybe Microsoft should wake up and fix sleep issues related to gaming and game controllers so gamers can have their cake and eat it, too.

Edit_Update: Haven’t thoroughly checked all threads but you can find the issue reported in Windows Feedback Hub for Windows version 2004. (the link will open Windows Feedback Hub on your computer). So one can upvote the issue there, too, in a thread of one’s choice.

Apparently, although the issue was first reported for Windows 10 in 2015 and persisted for years, it was fixed for a while in Windows vers. 1809 but resurfaced again in Windows vers. 1909 and, apparently, has persisted into vers. 2004: (another WFH link)

Did you find a fix? thx

I have 1 joystick and 1 xbox controller plugged in all the time and my 2 monitors sleep just fine.

I just noticed the thread again as it got bumped, even though I’m the OP. I don’t know whether the issue per se ever got fixed and I’ve been running Windows 11 for almost a year and have never checked if the sleep issue exists on Win11.

What I did instead is I got 3 Sabrent switched 4-port USB 3.0 hubs and all my peripherals are plugged into those hubs. When I’m done having fun with MSFS, I switch the ports off that my controllers are on - same for any other USB device that I’m not using. My HP G2 headset is plugged directly into a USB-C 3.0 port but unplugging the G2 power adapter seems to take care of that. My only complaint about the Sabrent hubs is the USB cord is very short. The Amazon product page claims it’s 2 ft long but ain’t no way - the last one I purchased 7/20/21 and the cord isn’t any longer than 7 to 8 inches. Perhaps Sabrent has increased the cable length since I last bought one?

I needed a similar hub for my Xbox Series X that I was lucky enough to stumble upon at Best Buy, so I got a 4-port unswitched Anker device as the Xbox Series X only comes with 2 USB ports. The Xbox designers certainly weren’t thinking of any MSFS port possibilities when they designed the Series X… The Anker USB cable really is 2 ft long and I plug my mouse, keyboard, and Thrustmaster HOTAS One controller into the Anker hub.