PRO-ATC/SR - Professional Air Traffic Control is out

Yeah, the first two points BATC will get eventually. And actually I’ve talked to my friend who had been using FS Hud for a long time and he said that he misses the taxi assistance in BATC. I told him that’s cheating and he should use the charts like IRL :face_with_hand_over_mouth: That’s why Navigraph added this drawing feature into the charts recently :sunglasses:


FShud only injects the traffic, but doesn’t take control over it. Its injector works the same as the FSLTL’s one. Is the simulator who takes the control of the traffic. Is the BIG difference with BATC: BATC will control the traffic by itself, leaving the simulator with nothing to do.


That’s totally incorrect!
From day zero FSHud - Air Traffic Control controls the AI Traffic on a very low level by piloting AI Traffic aircraft.


You said it. The rest is the simulator who takes the control, with all its issues. BATC will be able to avoid this control and issues. Don’t misunderstand me, FSHud is a great product, I have been using it till BATC arrival, but FSHud doesn’t avoid all traffic issues (like departing by contrary runways, etc.) because it doesn’t take the entire control of the traffic. This is what this is. FSLTL injector does the same (in fact, we can inject FSLTL traffic with FSHud injector)…

I don’t know why you keep writing this incorrect information. As the developer has stated, FSHud takes COMPLETE control of the traffic. The FSLTL injector simply communicates with FSHud but it is the latter which does the actual injection, and the simulator is only responsible for the visual display of the traffic, and for reporting its details to third-party products via SimConnect.
In this respect I doubt BATC will be any different.

I keep writing this information because it is correct and the developer never said that this program takes full control of the traffic, but rather, verbatim: “it controls AI traffic at a very low level.” So who is writing incorrections is you, who doesn’t seem to know how this program works.

So do AI Ground and AI Flow, and they also don’t take full and complete control of the traffic, like you would have us believe FSHud does. Don’t make us fools, please. You said it yourself:

I won’t respond anymore. Please, discuss it with others in your own topic.

Folks, please keep your posts related to Pointsoft PRO-ATC/SR.