Problem with texture quality

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hello, for months now i’ve been experiencing this very ugly and very strange problem, textures have been dropping ridiculously high and low, premise i have as cpu an Intel Core i79700k, GPu Nvidia RTX 2080ti, ram: 32gb 3200mhz. and msfs is installed on a dedicated nvme ssd. Connection right now is a 200 mega, but even in the past with 1 gigabit, I had the same problem. I have included some photos of how I see, in all scenarios, I took as example in this case LOWI (Insbruck). The settings are the current ones and the rolling caches I tried putting them both active and not, how can I fix it? Please, I even reinstalled windows to do that. but nothing changed.
If you want I can send other photos of problem or settings

Settings all ultra and LODs 200/200
Thank you!

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I79700K RTX 2080TI

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I change same settings from nvidia control panel, and .txt file of the game, but not relative to this, only for the colors

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absolutely yes, I also reset all pc, I contacted by opening a ticket, directly msfs, giving me the usual possible reasons, I tried everything, but it always stays like that, in the ticket it also tells me to try to manually create a cache region, but except that it doesn’t let me do it, i.e. the keys are disabled, but then even if it was, I can’t put myself to do it by hand for the whole world


Try setting your PC up according to this vid.
See if that helps:

the same, I mean if I put the ultra is better than video, the problem is the base of mountain texture not the lod I mean. Like if you can, can do a screen from runway 08 of LOWI, into the mountains in front of you with snow (live weather I think). Thank you

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but is the same

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I promise I am not making this up; but I noticed in the last dev blog post, one of the wishlist items that seemed to have a lot of traction recently were “mountains look bad in MSFS; too soft” or something along those lines and Asobo is investigating it.

My point, I don’t think it’s your issue; I too have noticed some less than stellar textures and mountains lately.


so you think that the problem are in all pc ? and not in mine ?

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As you can see, there is really no difference between your pic and mine, and I used the same settings.
I would say what you are seeing is probably what most others have!

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what is your hardware ?

Nowhere near as good as yours.
Vid card is a 1070GTX

roger, so probably the problem is msfs and not my pc or connection, and me that I reset the PC for nothing, ■■■■ it

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but some my friends see better, why… this is a today photo

I suspect it depends on where you are.
I can get those kind of pics from altitude as well, mountains aren’t particularly well done.

yes but what about this near Marocco

I would guess you are a lot higher and further away from the ground.

FL320, lod 200

The pic in the Tui jet is probably around 7 to 10 thousand feet, so naturally the scenery pic will be sharper.